Miley Cyrus & 7 More Stars Who Dared to Chop Off Their Hair (PHOTOS)

emma watson on glamour magazineSomeone in Hollywood lied when they said that long hair was 'the thing.' Tell me how many times you've correctly distinguised Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie from the back? Thought so. But that style won't ever fade and frankly, I'm fine with it. All the more reason for stars to sport shorter hair. It's hotter, sexier, and screams confidence. Loads of confidence. Not to mention, it's so striking and feminine.

In the October issue of Glamour, Emma Watson admitted, "I’ve never felt so confident as I did with short hair -- I felt really good in my own skin.” And Miss Miley Cyrus came clean about her pixie-cut saying, "Never felt more me in my whole life!" I just wanna hug these two and thank them for that bold move. Even though most of the male population will disagree, I love short hair -- it's so sexy. 

To prove how feminine and beautiful a cropped cut can be, here are eight super stylish stars. All hail ye stunning babes.

Do you prefer shorter or longer hair? Would you ever try the trend on your own locks?

Image via Glamour magazine

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jessi... jessicasmom1

I like shorter hair on most people including myself

Heidi Ayn Harden

I like Emma's the best, I am not so sure about Miely's "Pixie cut", I loved her hair long....but you can definatly tell she loves it, so I think thats what makes it work for her.

sofia... sofia0587

Miley looks hideous! Emma looks the best with short hair!

audri... audrinasmommy7

I like both short hair and long hair, it just depends. On myself, I like both. I get very bored with my hair after a few months or a year so I'm always changing it up. I've dyed it reddish-brown, black, all shades of brown, had highlights, and had both short and long hair. I currently have short hair and love it because it's so much easier to style and manage with a 16 month old in the picture.

audri... audrinasmommy7

I forgot to add though that all of the hairstyles in the pictures are too short for me personally. It looks great on some but I won't ever cut mine shorter than a few inches past my ear or shoulder length.

tuffy... tuffymama

Miley's face has always looked kind of "off" to me, until she cut her hair. I think it suits her.

nonmember avatar A

many times I've wondered why's a girl want to look like a guy? it kind of makes me want to cry.

Norma J Brill

       I think its cute on her.

Lizzie Gowers

While the cut looks good on her, Miley ought to find her own style instead of trying ti imitate P!nk.

Gigan... GigantaursMommy

I've tried short hair and it looks funny on me. I'm currently growing my hair back out to elbow length so I can look nice again.

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