Woman's $5,500 Eyebrow Transplant Can Be Blamed on Kim Kardashian

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My eyebrows have always been a bit weird. They're sparse yet kind of bushy in the front, so I trim them and fill them in a bit. Their natural shape is also a bit flat, so people often think I'm sad when I'm not. I've always dreamed of having perfect brows like, say, Lana Turner. (Only hers were fake.) I thought I'd found the solution when I located an eyebrow threader who could work miracles, giving my flat-ish brows flair and arch. But then she disappeared.

So I switched to a local wax shop, but a recent stripping tore out some of the skin on my eyelid. Finally, I'm just like, Okay, I give up. The brow gods obviously meant for me to look like I'm always on the verge of crying. So when I read that there's something you can do about your brows to make them look perfect, which doesn't involve waxing, tweezing, or filling in and it's permanent, I was all, Get thee to the brow saviors!

A British woman who, like me, hated her brows, underwent a procedure for those with hopelessly awful eyebrows. And that is ... an eyebrow transplant. Umm. 'Scuse me?

I guess these things aren't that new, but they are gaining popularity as the fuller brow comes into vogue again with celebrities like the Olsen twins, Megan Fox, and Kim Kardashian sporting thicker au naturel brows.

The woman, Claire Culverwell of Manchester, U.K., hated her brows, which were barely-there after years of overtweezing. She said:

It badly affected my confidence. I didn't like people seeing me without makeup. And obviously it affected me with men. You don't want your boyfriend to see your real eyebrows.

So she had a brow transplant. (And hopefully some therapy cause I doubt men care about this crap!) This involves taking hairs from the head and transplanting them to the face. In Claire's case, the doctor removed 500 hairs at the base of her skull that matched the texture and color of her brows and put them over her eyes.

Claire says she is thrilled with the results. I have to say they do look good. But her operation took six hours and cost $5,500. Six hours! You'd think she was having a face transplant.

Maybe "sad brows" like mine will come into style one day. Until then I'll just have to learn that there's more to life than good eyebrows, because the only thing that would make me get six-hour surgery on my brows is if they suddenly sprouted leaves.

Would you have an eyebrow transplant?


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Heather Duso Johnson

I have bushy eyebrows and they grow back ridiculously fast.  If I just stop by my hair salon they tend to do them a bit too thin but for $14 they do my upper lip and chin too, so I just deal with it.   With the fuller look coming back in I might start going to Ulta to have them done again.  It's $20 for just the eyebrows but the girl took a very long time and used a little tool to measure everything. Plus she won't let anyone walk out with red marks so she put makeup over the new bare skin!  

The transplants are crazy unless you have no eyebrows due to a disease or chemo where they never grew back.  If this woman can't appear in front of anyone without makeup, she should have spent the $5,500 in therapy instead. 

nonmember avatar LizzieBorden

Wow seems extreme, most women I know just pencil em in. Mine are really thick, I trim & pluck em into shape. I like em now, but in high school it was popular to have pencil thin eyebrows ala chola style. I could never get mine right because they were so thick. I guess it's a good thing now.

Rae.302 Rae.302

Eyebrow transplant? Nah, I'm good.

But if, say, eyelash transplants were available, (are they?) money wasn't and issue and I knew the procedure was totally safe, I would be making an appointment today! Lol

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