Justin Bieber Will Absolutely Regret His New Tattoo (PHOTO)


justin bieberWhat makes Justin Bieber just like the rest of us? He may be the world's biggest pop star, but that doesn't stop him from exercising his right as an 18-year-old to get a regrettable tattoo. The "Boyfriend" singer just posted a shirtless pic to Twitter that showed off his new ink. Right between his smooth, slender arms on his smooth, slender chest, the Bieber got a crown tattoo near his right collarbone that looks to be a little bigger than a quarter. A source told Us Weekly that the crown is in tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and that he got the permanent body art back in late July.

For those of you counting at home, this new tattoo makes seven for Bieber. He's gaining on Miley Cyrus. She's got upwards of 15 tats, and Glee star Lea Michele has 14 hidden tattoos. Someone fire up the electric ink body stylus because Bieber's just a few wine coolers and one sugar-free Red Bull away from catching up to these female performers.

I happen to think any ink is a bad idea when you're a teenager. I've seen many 28-year-olds go through laser removal to get the stars taken off their wrists, the infinity signs removed from their ankles, or the high school boyfriend's name turned into some sort of black box with vines coming out of it to know that what sounds like a good idea when you're granted governmental access to adulthood isn't always a good idea for life. I mean, I wore glitter on my cheeks and three-quarter-length sleeve jersey tops that were 98 percent spandex when I was a senior in high school. If I had to wear that now, I'd hide in bed under the covers and become some sort of blogger on the Internet. Hey. Wait.

Whatever, I hope the Prince of Pop is happy with his new crown and if so, I'm happy for him. After all, when he smiles, I smile. Just, when he gets it removed, I'll be there with my glittery cheeks to say I told you so. 

What do you think of Justin's new tattoo?


Photo via JustinBieber/Twitter

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Mrscj... Mrscjones

And why would he regret it? Its a tribute tattoo not some girl he's never going to see again or some stupid tattoo that everybody got before they realize just how crappy it is. So why is he regretting it?

nonmember avatar CrystalMP

People regret things because they are taught to regret their past. Your past is something you should embrace, sure you may have made some silly decisions but in the long run it helped shape you into the person you are. I've got party dots (random tattooed dots you get for no reason) and I'm not ashamed, it just reminds me that I have some fun nights behind me lol

mande... manderspanders

hmm... ironically, I was 27 when I had my shooting starts tatted on my wrist.  Probably the most meaningful tattoo I have, too.  It's the only one that is always in full view, but most people never notice it.  Gotta love that people who don't have tats are always the ones saying "you'll regret that".  The only thing I'd ever say a person would regret is tattooing a significant other's name on their body.... if it isn't your momma or your child, then probably ought to rethink that one.

nacho... nacholibre

Well apparantly there are a lot of 18 year old more mature than you, because when I was 18 I was not only getting tattoos, but supporting myself and dressing like a professional. He probably won't regret it at all.... tattoos can be very meaningful to the person that gets them, and I'm sure MJ was a big inspiration to Justin Douchebag. I mean Bieber.

And that is the ONLY time you will ever see me defending him lol!

Melis... MelissaRiley

I'm not sure why the Biebs would have any regrets at all about his tattoo.  He's super rich and probably won't ever have to work a 9 to 5 job.  Getting inked is a great form of self expression but depending on where you body art is some employer's are not cool with it.  My sister in-law works in a hospital and has to cover her forearm tattoo with an Ink Armor sleeve:  http://www.tat2x.com/  She doesn't regret her tribute tattoo for one minute but she still has to be respectful of her employer and cover up for work.

vanci... vancitymom

This picture is ridiculous..this looks like the New duck face pose or something. He looks stupid! And hey if he regrets the tatty hopefully he'll have some money left by then to remove it

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