Heidi Klum Doesn't Want to Go Unnoticed During Her Divorce

heidi klumHere's some non-news for you: Heidi Klum -- the woman who did NOT "fornicate with the help" while she was married and living with Seal -- is gorgeous. The gal's stunning. Lovely. If she were president, she'd be Babe-raham Lincoln. However, what she's wearing in this here pic is ... inneresting. (Nice getaway sticks, though!)

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the boho chic look, too, but I think the supermodel could have gone with one less hippie-esque adornment in this get-up. Especially if she's trying to keep a super low-pro these days.


If it were me, I'd lose the bell bottoms. Or the shoes. But you can't really lose the shoes and keep the bell bottoms, because what else do you wear with bell bottoms? Flats? You can't wear flats -- that leg's too wide for flats. You need a platform heel when wearing bell bottoms (personally, I prefer a wedge, but that's just me). So, maybe the coat? I don't know, but somehow, all together, this outfit is making my head spin.

Also, if Heidi is trying to lay low right now and go unnoticed by the paparazzi, this isn't an ideal choice in clothing. It's kind of hard to overlook a 6-foot-tall model in super wide bell bottom jeans, 6-inch heels, and a loud, colorful coat. Just sayin'.

So, maybe Heidi does want to be noticed right now? Maybe she isn't one of those celebs who wants to stay out of the news during her divorce? It's a profound question to ponder. Who cares what's going on at the DNC right now? This is the real America, you guys: What are Heidi Klum's outfit choices saying? Personally, I'm stumped. I guess we'll just to wait 'til November to find out. Or wait, is that the election? I forget! Ahhh! Hopefully, the answer is in the next episode of Real Housewives!

Do you like Heidi's outfit?


Image via Splash

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