6 Slimming Styles Moms Have Hiding in Their Closets (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Aug 30, 2012 Beauty & Style

black blazerDon't you absolutely hate those days when you're rushing to try and get out the door on time, and you find yourself standing in your closet in full-blown panic mode because nothing seems to fit? (And if you haven't ever had one of those days, you might as well go out and celebrate, because you're in the minority.)

Let's face it, we all overindulge from time to time, and it's never fun when that extra serving of nachos or pitcher of margaritas shows up when we're in the middle of getting dressed. But carrying around a few extra pounds doesn't have to ruin your entire day, because most moms already have a few figure fixes right in our own closets that can instantly slim us down and disguise those pesky problem areas.

Whenever my jeans are looking way too tight in the butt, I often thrown on a fitted black blazer, similar to the one pictured from Old Navy, that covers at least half of my rear end. It not only makes things in that area appear smaller, but it also hides any sort of a muffin top I've got going on.

Take a look at the photos below to see 5 more slimming tricks you can find right in your own closet.

What are your go-to clothes when you're feeling a bit on the heavy side?


Image via Old Navy

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