9 White Hot Looks You Should Wear After Labor Day (PHOTOS)

wedding dressOk, really serious question here: Do you or don't you believe in wearing white after Labor Day has come and gone? Some nix the hue after the holiday like it's the law -- and you do not mess with the law. Others seem to think the unwritten decree is flexible. They're all yup, my tan faded months ago now STFU and check out my creamy white tee. Ugh. Can't choose? Let me help.

Why not wear white after the three-day weekend? It isn't strictly reserved for bronzed skin and sunkissed faces. Um, hello, snow is white, guys. If Mother Nature can pull off the style (and y'all know she can be a big B) I think we'll be alright to try it too. The color is clean, sophisticated, elegant, and refreshing. Not to mention totally on trend.

But since I'm no expert on the matter (formally, at least), let's put the debate in the hands of nine fabulous fabrics. Spoiler alert! They're all white. So take a peak and get a clue: Wearing white long after Labor Day is classic and lovely.


What's the verdict? Will you wear white after the long three-day weekend is over?

Image via Capt' Gorgeous/ Flickr


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