Brave Woman Wears '50 Shades of Grey' Bondage Outfit to Buy Groceries

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50 shades outfitDo you remember the last time you saw an outfit that truly shocked you? I am not talking about a TV clip of Lady Gaga's meat dress. I mean, the last time you were walking down the street and spotted a regular, seemingly sane person in an ensemble so atrocious/crazy/unbelievable that you didn't just do a double take, you actually stopped in your tracks.

Well, if it's been awhile, be prepared to pick your jaw up from the floor. Recently I came across photos of a woman grocery shopping at the supermarket, and nothing I can say will prepare you for what she opted to wear in public!

She was snapped sporting what I can only assume is a Fifty Shades of Grey inspired outfit. No pants. No shirt. Just some kind of strappy a**less undies, a bra that looks more like tight strips of twine, a barely there apron-thingy, and heels. It's one absolutely incredible get-up.

Obscene? Yes. Comfy? Well, maybe. She sure looks at ease. I wish I had the guts to dress any way I wanted to run errands. Can you imagine seeing that while picking up a gallon of milk? I am in awe of this incredibly bold woman, but if I were her, I would definitely avoid the dairy and meat freezers ... brrrr!

What do you think of this get-up? Brave or just plain crazy?

Image via Mikamatto/Flickr

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DenMo... DenMother12

ok maybe it's just me but what she had on looked more like something a prostitute would wear, not something s&m. 

zandh... zandhmom2

I'm not even sure if that is a woman!

nonmember avatar Cass

Oh for the love of god. Not everything vaguely related to rope, spanking, or sex is comparable to that damn book. I'm glad you liked it- I certainly support bringing fetish more into the mainstream. But for the love of all things holy, STOP THINKING 50 SHADES IS THE END-ALL, BE-ALL OF EVERYTHING REMOTELY SEXY.

Thank you, on behalf of the rapidly growing majority.


You clearly have no idea what an S&M outfit looks like. Think pleather, latex, spikes, corsets and what not. She is dressed like a cheap hooker, keyword being CHEAP.

SLMit... SLMitchell

I cannot understand why anyone would label this a bondage or S&M outfit.  Unless, of course, this is just another excuse to reference that god awful book.

Jorie Thomas

Like everyone else said, not bondage! Cheap Cheap CHEAP hooker outfit and it looked awful. You call her brave... I call her high and/or stupid!

Crystal Chrysler-Adams

I'm with everyone else, That is NOT S&M.......At all, its barely there cheap hookerish. .k

Water... Water_geM

not that brave....

have you seen the people of walmart?

Water... Water_geM

i bet shes a prostitute...

BTW this took place in i don't know if the shades of grey thing is relevant to her.

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