Kim Kardashian Posts 'Wedding Dress' Photo & Pretty Much Tells Us We're Dumb

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kim kardashianApparently, Kim Kardashian doesn't buy the whole "trying on wedding dresses" is bad luck belief -- 'cause she's trying on wedding dresses, taking photos of herself in wedding dresses, and then posting photos of herself in wedding dresses to Instagram. (I know, shocking!) Last night, Kim posted this photo of herself in this to-die-for Pucci gown, along with the caption: "Late night fitting."

Yoooo-kay, Kim. I see what you're doing here. I see exactly what you're doing. Don't think you're fooling anyone by looking gorgeous in a seriously amazing dress -- that may or may not be a wedding gown.

Kim, media manipulator extraordinaire, is teasing us, if you will, by appearing in a "wedding gown." She wants to get us talking -- and, surprise! She is! Are wedding bells in the future for Kim and Kanye? Is she trying to tell us something here? What does it all mean?! Tell us, Kim! Tell us, tell us, telllll ussss!

Despite the fact that this gown could -- and totally should -- be worn as a wedding dress, it also couldn't. Kim could wear this to a premiere, or in a photo shoot, or to get frozen yogurt, and it would be perfectly normal. Her lack of detail -- and shot only of the back -- leave for a little mystique. You win again, Kim!

I really don't think this is a wedding dress -- dear god, I hope not -- and to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the only time Kim even wears this dress. But she posted it. She got us talking. Her work is done.

Do you think this is a wedding dress?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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Heather Thornton Wiles

I don't care if it's a wedding dress or not. It's stupid to post such a thing with no explanation. She's an attention whore, and this gets people talking about her again, making speculations. I could see this dress being a red carpet dress, but it really does look like a wedding dress. I would hope that after her last failed marriage, that she's not rushing into something else with Kayne. That would just be stupid. But she does do things in her life based on what her heart feels, instead of using common sense and going with what the brain and gut are probably saying to her. So, lets hope this is just a little shopping with her stylist to find a red carpet gown, and NOT something to wear while walking down the isle at a Vegas chapel (a complete departure from her previous $1M wedding.) The woman needs to realize that one day, she won't be in the minds of everyone everyday her image is thrown out at us, and she needs to live her life a little more privately. We don't care about what she's doing every hour of every day. We really aren't that concerned over your very selfish life.

jessi... jessicasmom1

it fits her very well.. for only trying it on yes it is a wedding dress .. was this with Kris Humpries

mrspease mrspease

She does know that she can't get married until at least early next year, right? You know, that stubborn little problem called her ongoing divorce from Kris Humphries? Might throw a wrench in her wedding plans...

holly... hollysybb

NO! It is not a wedding dress! I agree with the article. And yes, she looks FAB as ALWAYS! ;-)

nonmember avatar Kay

White, Kim? Really? That million-dollar ship has sailed.

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