Simon Cowell Orders Britney Spears to Stop Looking So Dirty (VIDEO)

Britney Spears 'X Factor' promo workBritney Spears has had a couple of epic style moments throughout her career. There was that whole "I'm a Slave for You" midriff and snake touting combo, then there was the sequined body suit, and OH! Who could forget the classic schoolgirl "Hit Me Baby One More Time" ensemble, right? Well it seems like Brit's more recent style choices weren't doing it for series creator and resident a-hole Simon Cowell. Allegedly, Cowell told the mother of two that she needed to be "impeccably dressed and made-up for the show."

Oh, and "none of those ragged hair extensions," either. Well, can't deny that the criticism seems to have made a mark, Brit's been looking a lot better lately. Just in case, though, I've got a few style tips for Brit of my own. Starting with the whole wearing a bra thing.


1. A bra, wear one: Listen, I'm all for going flirty and free and fearless and all of those other "F" adjectives we can use to describe how liberating it is to not wear a bra. Sometimes, though, certain looks just look wretched without the proper support. Exhibit A, that white dress. The whole too-short length vs. no bra combination just ... yeah.

2. Keep the nails in check: We all heard about Brit's awkward episode with bloody cuticles at the first major press event for the hit talent show. She seems to have learned since then, but rule No. 1 about being a celebrity, everything about your personal style is fair game for criticism. It sucks, but hey -- it's the nature of the beast.

3. Keep the wave: Brit's straight hair look up top there, I'm not a fan. Her ends look MORE than fried. But shoot, did you check out her beautiful waves from the Austin X Factor auditions? Holy hottie! I think Brit's best bet is to keep it natural and soft with those curls.

4. Don't skimp on length: Short dresses and TV don't mix well. One second, you may forget to cross your legs. The next, it's riding up. The little red number that she rocked at the X Factor auditions in Providence, Rhode Island was cutting it close, babe.

In the scheme of things, there's really no denying that Brit's been putting in the style effort. The chick's starting to clean up her act and starting to look more put together. Mission accomplished, Mr. Cowell.

What do you think of Britney Spears' style?

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