Gorgeous Quadriplegic Woman Lands Amazing Modeling Job She Deserves

angela rockwoodWe don't normally look to models for inspiration. (I mean, they're lovely to look at, but ... we don't, right?) However, Angela Rockwood is an exception. The gorgeous 36-year-old just landed a major modeling gig for a national Nordstrom campaign. And what's so inspiring about her? She's a quadriplegic who never gave up on her dream.


If you have fancy cable channels, you may have seen Angela before on the Sundance Channel show Push Girls. The stunning reality show star was in a tragic car accident 11 years ago, which left her with the inability to use her legs, as well as extremely limited usage of her arms. At the time of the accident, 5'9" Rockwood had finally made her way into the modeling industry -- but afterward, she completely dismissed the notion of continuing down the path she'd worked hard for.

She told People: "After my accident, the thought of modeling didn’t even cross my mind. But what did occur to me was that I had been transported to the realm of the paralyzed for a reason. I realized I had a huge choice to make: To go down the positive path, be an example for others in similar positions and be a voice." And her positive outlook has certainly paid off: Angela's in front of the camera again. Nordstrom, who's been featuring models with disabilities for over 20 years, was looking for someone new; Angela submitted her picture; as she puts it, "the rest is history." Angela's back in front of the camera like she was before the accident, and apparently it's just like "home."

It's always refreshing seeing models who deviate from what we're used to seeing in ads. After all, customers aren't one-size-fits-all. Angela is one model who's truly inspirational. Let's hope we see more of her in future campaigns. No one deserves it more.

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Image via The Sundance Channel

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