Katy Perry’s Orange Clown Hair Desperately Needs the Kim Kardashian Touch

Katy Perry orange hairCan we have a collective "hmmmm" for a moment over Katy Perry on the cover of L'Officiel magazine? Her hair isn't just ginger, it's straight up orange. She looks ... like a cross between Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Christina Hendricks with a little bit of Carrot Top mixed in.

The woman's done blue, she's done purple, and she's currently rockin' black. Strangely enough, this red is the color that's really throwing me off. Now that Kim Kardashian, though, she's one lady who knows how to rock a successful new shade. The reality star recently added some ombre golden highlights to her signature brown locks, and wowza, she looks great!

Celebs play with hair color all the time, but Kimmy's one of the only ones who knows how to get it right through and through. Perhaps Katy can snag a few tips? Are there dos and don'ts to dyeing your hair based on your skin tone and other features? Heck, you bet there are. Check out our lowdown on hair dyeing 411, here:


DO Choose a color that complements your skin tone: If you have an olive or dark skin tone, then you're most likely better off with a brunette or darker shade. If you have a "cool" skin tone, meaning that you have fair skin and light-colored eyes, you're better off with light browns and blondes.

DON'T Be afraid to take some sort of risk: Yeah yeah, going for a deep rich brown could be a scary thing for someone who has always been a blonde. However, who knows if that shade is what's really going to make your eyes pop? Be a risk taker, after seeking some advice of course.

DO Check out some swatches first: There's no need to rush right into choosing a color. If you're heading to a professional salon, have them show you what they think looks best for you. Attempting an at-home DIY stint? Then remember: The swatch in front of your box of choice probably won't be the end result.

DON'T Fix mistakes on your own: Did the at-home and not so happy with the results? Head to a salon, trust me, it's worth the splurge. Over-dyeing your hair at home could lead to serious badness and only professionals know the right way to correct it.

What do you think of Katy Perry's orange hair? Kim's ombre look? Do you have any dye tips of your own?


Image via L'Officiel

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