Christina Aguilera's Skin-Tight Dress Is More Hooker Than Haute Couture (VIDEO)

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christina aguileraUsed to be that once a Top 40 diva outgrew bubblegum pop, she went on to make adult-appropriate albums and adopt more age-appropriate, sophisticated styles. But all you have to do is look at moms-in-fishnets Britney Spears, Madonna, J. Lo, and Christina Aguilera to see that snorefest formula is no more! Now, divas can feel free to go pantless right on up through their 40s and 50s! Apparently, someone in charge seems to think these ladies just can't sell records anymore without doing their best impression of a half-naked hooker.

For example, take Christina Aguilera's latest get-up in the forthcoming music video for her new single, "Your Body." I guess desperate times call for desperate ... mesh?

Photos from the set show The Voice judge hittin' the street in a skin-tight mini-dress complete with huge mesh cutouts that reveal side boob and lots of rear end. Add pink ombre wig and ginormous Nicki Minaj-esque pink suede heels, and it's clear the designer's inspiration had to have been something like, "Vivian at the beginning of Pretty Woman plus fetish porn star." Hot!

Or not. I love that she appears to be embracing her curvier figure, but she could flaunt it in a much classier way.

Oh well. Being that Aguilera appears to be wielding a bat in the pics, I'm sure this crazy outfit ties in to some kind of greater storyline ... Maybe in which she's a stripper-turned-convenience store robber?! Or stripper-turned-jaded ex-girlfriend seeking revenge (or hot make-up sex?!). I know! Christina Aguilera-turned-Britney Spears in "Womanizer"! Not sure. But hopefully there's a rhyme or reason to the madness. Because out of context, this look on the 31-year-old mama is completely cringe-worthy.

Check out this video for past fashion fails from the sexy songbird ...

Do you think Christina Aguilera should keep rockin' these skin-tight stripper-tastic get-ups?

Image via D.S.B./Flickr

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linzemae linzemae

I think she looks pretty Damn good in that dress

Jscot... Jscott1216

She looks like a hooker. No class and all trash!

CanCa... CanCan123

Wow, is that what fat is???? really? really? lame.


ICK!!! And I don't mean her size. You either have class or you don't and guess what? She's never had it.

nonmember avatar Ddb

From the language and criticism used in just these few comments it is pretty clear many of you have no class and aren't setting a very sophisticated example either.

cocob... cocobeannns

I don't think the dress is that bad! It's tame compared to some of the things Nicki Minaj wears. And her body looks,great... Once again, there are women putting down another woman who looks better than them. Not suprised.

cocob... cocobeannns

And she is in entertainment. She is a performer. She plays dress up, and wears costumes. Ever heard of it?

Meg Moore

I dont care if its for a performance..that thing is uglier than satans nutsack.

nonmember avatar Scoobs

Are you kidding me. this is one of the hottest women on the planet. so what if she has various styles her voice is incredible. this woman is all class and has the ability to work multiple fashions and styles. Lay off of her, she is a class act.

nonmember avatar Lafe

I think she looks fantastic. Women have been dressing scantily for ages, especially pop-divas. Frankly, I appreciate the effort to make herself unique.

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