How to Wear the Hottest Jean Looks for Fall (PHOTOS)

shoes One of the biggest questions I ask myself as a woman is how to sport all the hottest denim styles. There are just too many choices and it takes some fashion finesse to pull some of those looks off. Do I roll, tuck, or flare my way through the day? What should I do if my jeans sag at my knee? Should I cuff these boyfriend jeans with my stilettos? Should I just give up and buy jeggings? It'd be nice if we had a guide to wearing jeans, wouldn't it? Something like ... the best way to tuck jeans when you're wearing flats or the best way to roll denim.

Well, your prayers have been answered. Here is an easy how-to for the hottest denim looks. I promise this will solve all your 'what shoes do I wear with these jeans' dilemmas. Plus, if you want the perfect cuff, tuck, roll, and flare, it's there -- I swear. Take a look.

What about you? Got any other denim tricks to share?

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  • Two Rolls for Sandals and Pumps


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    You've still got a few weekends to get some wear out of your sandals, so do it up right. Using an inch as your guide (doesn't have to be exact), make two clean rolls starting at the end of your jeans and pair this look with wedges and heeled sandals.

  • Flared Jeans With Platforms


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    Flares were once a must-have in every closet. Now, the trend is slowly creeping back into style. Luckily, so are platform pumps. These two are a match made in denim and shoe heaven, so wear 'em together.


  • Baggy Jeans With Winter Boots


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    For winter, there's no bunching, no scrunching, no tucking, and certainly no rolling. Let your jeans bag a little bit when you toss your feet into your winter boots. It's laid-back and adorable.

  • Super Skinny Jeans With Loose Ankle Booties


    Image via Maegan/Flickr


    You need a pair of super skinny jeans, preferably a pair that taper in tight at the ankle. If the fit is snug, keep it as is and just slide into your ankle boots. If your skinnies bag, just fold the hem under once at the ankle before slipping into your shoes.

  • Two Rolls for Boyfriend Jeans With Heels


    Image via Maegan/Flickr


    Despite what you might think, boyfriend jeans are easily one of the best denim styles to match up with a super feminine shoe. The trick is to roll -- not tuck -- haphazardly, until just about the tip of your ankle. It draws the eye inward.

  • One Tuck for Flats


    Image via Maegan/Flickr


    For flats, loafers, penny loafers, and the like, just give it a little roll up. Just make sure you keep it clean and neat. I prefer a one-inch tuck, but you can opt for more or less, depending on what you're comfortable with.

  • Tucked Seam With Sky High Heels


    Image via Maegan/Flickr


    Now if you're really trying to work your look hard, do the same one-inch roll-up when you're soaring in a pair of sky-high stilettos. Less is more with this look, so try to keep the fold less than an inch.

  • Super Skinny With Boots


    Image via Maegan/Flickr


    No slouching! Ever! Don't do it. When you're wearing thigh-high boots, mid-calf boots, or knee-high boots, you want to wear a fit that's tight to your figure. Sagging at the knee will look like the jeans are oversized on you, which means you might not know how to shop for your shape. So keep in mind that the boots are already slimming, so find a pair of jeans fit to match.

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