Katie Holmes Still Looks Like a Million Bucks Even Though She's 'Poor'

Katie HolmesShe reportedly only received about $400,000 per year in child support in her divorce from Tom Cruise, but a new report indicates that Katie Holmes will get to keep jewelry, designer handbags, and other accessories worth millions of dollars. (If you can't be a millionaire, looking like one is almost as good.)

Katie received plenty of lavish presents from Tom over the five years they were married, and asking for her to give those tokens of affection back would've made him look pretty nasty. And since the general consensus seems to be that Katie busted out of prison when she filed for divorce from Tom, I'm guessing the last thing he needs is for people to perceive him as a huge jerk.


And even though their marriage may have failed, it doesn't sound like things between them were all bad, based on some of the luxurious items Katie scored in the divorce settlement. The list of fancy presents she'll be adorning her single self with include a pair of diamond earrings worth $500,000, high-end Hermes bags costing between $10,000 and $50,000, and several other custom pieces of jewelry Tom had made for her.

Katie has already established herself as a fashion icon, so she must be pretty relieved that she won't have to dial back her style even though she's no longer Mrs. Tom Cruise. You have to admit -- it would be pretty tough to go from being dressed to the nines and carrying bags that cost more than most people's cars to looking like a regular single mom whose clothes and accessories were bought at the local mall. (What would Suri think?)

If you were Katie, would you still want to wear jewelry and carry bags that were gifts from Tom, or would you sell it all instead?


Image via LLLEV/Flickr

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