Miranda Lambert Won't Let Her Friend Wear the Cavariccis of Wedding Dresses (VIDEO)

miranda lambertMullets may be popular in some parts of the country, but if it were up to Miranda Lambert, they'd be abolished to a dusty corner of the world where other fashion crimes like Skidz and Cavariccis lie, never to make a resurgence again. And I'm not talking about hair mullets here -- Miranda may like those, I really don't know -- I'm talking about mullet dresses. Particularly mullet wedding dresses.

Miranda makes a cameo on tonight's Say Yes to the Dress premiere when she's helping her Pistol Annies bandmate, Angaleena Presley, pick out a dress to tie the knot in. When Angaleena comes waltzing out in a mullet dress, Miranda is quick -- pistol quick! -- to shoot the gown down. She even goes as far as to call it a "zero."


For those of you who don't know what a "mullet dress" is, allow me to drop the sartorial knowledge: It's an asymmetrical hem; a dress that's shorter in the front than it is in the back. And, personally, I think they're fantastic. 

Buuut, they're also super trendy right now. You can't throw a rock here in NYC without hitting a girl wearing one. So, not sure it'd be a good bet to wear a mullet wedding dress. Probably want to go with something a little more simple and timeless for your big day. Something you won't look back on and think, "Oh Gawd, what was I thinking?" Think Carolyn Besset, or Savannah Miller, Sienna's older sister. Just kidding. Don't think Savannah Miller. But I do love me a hooded wedding dress. Not an easy look to pull off, though. But I'm wed-digressing.

I think Miranda was smart to advise Angaleena to go in a different direction for her trip down the aisle. Sure, the dress is cute now. But they probably said that about Skidz once, too.

What are your thoughts on mullet dresses?



Image via TLC/YouTube

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