Serena Williams Is Playing a Dangerous Game With Her Pricey 6-Inch Stilettos (VIDEO)

serena williamsSerena Williams has made some questionable fashion choices over the years, but this little number, this outfit, wow. Serena's not only stepped up her tennis game, but her style game, as well. In a skin tight red dress by Victoria Beckham, Ms. Williams went on the Late Show With David Letterman and took Dave's breath away. How could you not think dayum when you look at her? That's a grand slam outfit if ever I saw one.

But before I go overboard here talking about how famazing Serena looks, let's pause for a second to observe her heels. Her $4,000 Christian Louboutin heels, to be exact.


Emblazoned with sparkly crystals, her pricey six-inch stilettos earned a lot of attention. Listen, I love when people spend their money (ya can't take it with you!) but four grand for some shoes? Reminds me of Christina Hendricks' $24,000 purse. Excess is in -- always has been, always will be.

While I may not have a problem with the price or the look of her shoes (they're pretty fierce), what I do take issue with is her health. During the interview, Serena showed Dave a photo of what her feet look like all taped up before a tennis match, and my god, there's hardly an inch of skin visible. She's got more bandages on her feet than a mummy. Serena had toe surgery not too long ago, and yet, and yet, she's squeezing her poor little feetsies into those high heels? Give your barking dogs a break, Serena!

I'm all for fashion wins, but Ms. Williams has a few titles to defend. We can't have her breaking an ankle or putting more undo stress on her feet without a championship at stake. Dave's cool and all, but he's no Wimbledon.

What do you think of Serena's outfit?


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