Tyra Banks Says She's Learned to Love Her 'Flawesome' Body: Do You Love Yours? (VIDEO)

Tyra BanksMiss Tyra Banks is getting ready for the 19th cycle of America's Next Top Model. The supermodel turned ANTM host turned TV talk show personality turned oh well, whatever she is now, recently went on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to get all the details on the upcoming season out there. This year, it's all about education as college girls complete for the title.

Let's focus our attention elsewhere for a moment. Remember when TB caught tons of flack in Hollywood for being "too fat to model" on the pages of Vogue? Haters gonna hate, girl. Well now Tyra's back to talk about her awesome, down-to-earth respect for her body and her 'flawesome' figure. Yup, you read that right. Flawesome.


You get it, right? Flaw + Awesome = Flawesome? As in, let's just love our bodies 'cause we're freakin' flawesome. Nice.

Here's what I think: It’s really respectable that Tyra keeps coming out to support women and their natural beauty, encouraging us to work with that we’ve got and embrace our flaws. I think she deserves an even bigger mention because though she finds herself in the Hollywood hot seat often, she still knows enough to love her body the way it is.

Like with the "fivehead" thing. Props to her for making others feel good about themselves for having a similar feature. It’s a shame that more women in Hollywood don’t take this route, isn't it? Imagine if we had a whole world of stars shouting from the rooftops telling us to love our bodies as is. Then imagine those celebs actually followed their own advice. What a wonderful world.

Anyway, I'm proud of Miss T for sticking to her guns and not cowering behind the naysayers. Love them curves, girl!

Do you think Tyra is a good role model for young women?

Image via david_shankbone/ Flickr


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