Prince Harry Was Caught Naked But the Real Crime Was His Necklace

prince harryAnd this, right here, is why men should never wear jewelry. Prince Harry was caught naked -- well, almost naked -- in a Las Vegas hotel suite and the one thing he was wearing, the onnnne thing that really proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the pics were of him, was, indeed, a necklace. The palace has confirmed that it's Harry all right, prancing around in the buff, hugging girls from behind, even though there are no straight-on shots of his face. Perhaps the reason they went ahead and admitted it was Hare Bear was because they knew his amber and leather necklace is a dead giveaway. Silly boy, trinkets are for girls.


At least, that's my preference, anyway. To say I'm not a fan of man-jewels is an understatement. Johnny Depp is perhaps the only male on Earth who can pull off wearing chains and earrings, etc., but I'm not fully convinced he's 100 percent dude -- there's gotta be some magic pirate in there somewhere -- so really, even he doesn't count as a man-jewels success story.

Any bauble on a guy says to me that they're trying too hard, which I think we can all agree is pretty much a turn-off. Plus, you can't ignore the cheese-factor that accompanies any gold chain on any man, anywhere. It's a universally acknowledge truth that any man wearing bling around his neck also reeks of department store cologne and an inflated ego due to insecurity, whatever that might smell like. Probably sandalwood and chalk.

Anyway, had Prince Harry never worn that man-ecklace (it's apparently a "love pendant" from his on and off girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, and is a silver disk with an amber-colored stone inside, strung on a leather cord), he might not be in the jam he's in right now. 

Lesson to every guy out there -- don't wear jewelry in case you ever want to deny those nudie pics.

Do you like jewelry on guys?


Photo via An Honorable German/Flickr

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