The 'Face-kini' & 9 Other Hilarious Head Accessories (PHOTOS)

lady gaga
The true definition of Hat Hair
Ever heard of a  face-kini? Neither had I ... 'til a few days ago. It's basically a bikini, but for your face, and this mask is all the rage in coastal parts of China. Yup, definitely not making this up, folks. Though it seems a little silly, the 'kini cover-up is the Shandong province's answer to sunburn. Women wear it to keep away those hot rays. Clever.

Buuutttt it's also pretty creepy. Ok, like really freakin' creepy. Don't get me wrong -- I'm all for proper sun protection -- but this? Too far. How would you recognize friends? Your child? And doesn't it get super HOT up under there?

My fellow Americans, we're victim to the weird accessory craze too. It's, like, home of the free, land of the silliest head gear. Our reigning leader? Lady Gaga.


The pop diva has taught us that we should always pair our fashion with some edge. Some serious over-the-top edge. Lady G has practically paved the way for wild and strange out-of-this-world headwear. So with that, I proudly present to you nine more of the most outrageous, silliest, and fun headpieces we've seen. It's about to get cray cray up in here, y'all.

Would you ever wear a face-kini? Would you ever put your kids in one?

Image via Domain Barnyard/Flickr

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