Britney Spears' Sexy Bikini Pic Isn't a 'Comeback' Shot at All (VIDEO)

britney spears 2012Reality check, y'all! Us Weekly and other sources have confirmed the sexy bikini photo Britney Spears tweeted the other day can't be proof of the pop star's "comeback," because, well, it's actually from four years ago. Ack! Yes, she's lookin' damn good in that pic, but now we know why: That was when she was all of 26! Girl's now 30 years sooo old, so fuggetaboutit! Now, according to some, she's "lost the youthful body and facial structure she once had." AKA she's OVER THE HILL. (Hope you can sense how my words are dripping with sarcasm.)

Deep breath ... Okay, let's regroup here, shall we? Britney may have looked fab in the 2008 photo, but we all know that was not exactly a shining era for the mom of two. That was the year she was hospitalized, committed to a psych ward, and dad Jamie Spears took control of her life in a conservatorship. Hello, not a good look for anyone!


By comparison, these days, she actually seems to have her act back together. Last week, Brit Brit made a surprise court appearance looking incredibly glam in a short peach-colored dress and matching pearls, and in another photo she posted last week, she's wearing a "stunning little black dress" and looking like a seriously hot mama. Seriously, what's 30 got to do with anything at all?

When we start nitpicking a woman's oh-so-slight aging from 26 to 30 or failing to acknowledge that someone can actually become more vital and more attractive with age, we've got a real issue. Of course Britney isn't "not a girl, not yet a woman" she once was (and who we seem to want her to be for all eternity!). But with age, it seems as though she's grown wiser, happier, and healthier. And that's what makes her more bangin' hot than ever before.

Are you surprised that the pic is four years old? Do you think that even at -- gasp! -- 30 years old, Brit looks better than ever?


Image via 5min/Splash News

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