Christina Hendricks Carries a Purse That Costs More Than Your Mortgage

Christina Hendricks Carries $24,980 purseEvery woman loves a great purse. It's like your best friend, right? You seek out one that has the qualities that match your personality. You want to be with it all the time. Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, well, she has interesting taste in "best friends." Expensive taste, actually. The star was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills on Monday carrying a bag that's worth more than a year's rent. Ready for the heavy price tag? A whopping $23,980.

I can't. Why does ANYONE need a $23,000+ bag? My brand new Jetta didn't even cost $24,000 -- and I ordered it with special options! A sun roof, people!

The black-and-silver Forbod Barsum tote is made with alligator skin. But can we be real? It doesn't look like anything special. For $23,000+, one would think it was a modern-day version of Mary Poppins' bag, allowing the user to pull out a never ending stream of complimentary beverages, jewels, heck whatever you damn well please.

I don't know. I smell a little bit of a publicity stunt.


I mean, don't get me wrong, Christina Hendricks isn't exactly a no-name star who can't splurge for something this extravagant. However, I don't think it's outside of the box to wonder if she was hoping for the crazy press on her crazy bag. It is going to be Emmy season. We all saw what Hendricks' costar Elisabeth Moss did to her hair. Could the Mad Men team be trying to stir up some buzz? I think so.

And for just a moment, can we talk about how she's carrying it? It's like she's displaying the damn thing. I guess, though, if I were toting a $23,980 bag, I'd be carrying it pretty poshly as well. Shoot, I'd probably be wearing plastic gloves. And a Hazmat suit. Because damn, if something ever got on it, I'd shoot myself. Phew! Good thing I'll never have that problem.

What I will say, though, is I like how she rocked the stupid expensive bag with a casual look. Because you know if she was wearing some sort of designer dress, it would have been overkill. At least this way she looks classic and the bag doesn't scream, "I'm more money than your monthly mortgage payment!"

What do you think of Christina Hendricks' crazy expensive purse?


Image via Splash News

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