If Jennifer Aniston Is 'Chubby', We're All Ginormous

jennifer anistonWell, slap me sideways and call me Sally -- Jennifer Aniston is fat. Yep, according to reports, the actress with washboard abs and a 12-year-old boy butt needs a body double for her new movie, We're the Millers, because she's "chubby." Yes. You read that correctly. People are saying that Jennifer Aniston is chubby.

Heavens to murgatroyd! Am I the only person who saw that photo of her in her bra the other day?


Jen looked good. She looked svelte and tan and perky, like she always does. Maybe I need to get to Lenscrafters for an eye exam, but I see no evidence of a chubby actress here.

Or maybe I see no evidence because Jennifer Aniston is not chubby! She's not fat; she's not plump; she's not voluptuous. Not even a little bit. She's ... a freak of nature, quite frankly. How many 43-year-olds do you know with bodies like hers? How many 18-year-olds do you know with bodies like hers? Me no understand where this rumor could have even come from.

Perhaps JA is feeling a bit more modest now that she's betrothed. Or maybe -- ooh, maybe! -- she just don't feel like running around in bra and underwear when someone else can do it for her? Whatever the reason, I can't imagine it's because of her body. She looks unbelievable -- for a person of any age.

Do you think Jennifer Aniston is chubby?

Image via shanahaj27/Flickr

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