‘Mad Men’ Star Totally Stole Miley Cyrus’ Hairdo

elisabeth mossMad Men star Elisabeth Moss pulled a Miley Cyrus and cut her hair really short and dyed it platinum blonde. The actress debuted her shocking new look at the New York premiere of For a Good Time, Call, which is about two recent grads trying to make ends meet by starting a phone sex company. Elisabeth's new 'do certainly made me do a double take, and after I consulted with world leaders on the matter, I feel confident in informing you that we love it. We all love it. Move over Megan, Peggy Olson's never looked sexier.


Not sure what prompted Elisabeth to go bleach blonde -- it couldn't have been Miley, could it? -- but maybe she just wanted a drastic change. She's recently divorced from SNL's Fred Armisen and just signed on for two more seasons of Mad Men. Perhaps she desired a new look to go along with her new single-hood and renewed employment.

Best part about this rash makeover is that it works. Like, really works. Elisabeth's coloring makes it look like she was born to be a blonde. The variance in hues from white to yellow really complement her skin tone -- her eyes look bright, as well.

I think I'm gushing, but whatever, I love when a brunette goes blonde and pulls it off with aplomb. It's hard to do, people. I'm sure a few of you have tried and failed, as I have. But Elisabeth proves that going lighter can, in fact, be done right. I'm so impressed that I want to shake her stylist's hand, sit in her chair, toss my hair over my shoulder, and tell her to have her way with me.

The only thing that could make this better is if the blonde 'do is for Mad Men. A platinum Peggy and a single Don Draper? Yes, please.

Do you like Elisabeth's new look?


Photo via Jason Kempin/Getty

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