Heidi Klum's Dreamy Bikini Pic Will Make Moms Feel Fat & Ugly

Heidi KlumWell, well, well -- surprise, surprise. Heidi Klum has tweeted out a photo of herself in a skimpy black bikini looking nothing short of svelte, gorgeous, and full-blown picture perfect. And if the photo didn't initially seem like a huge cry for attention and compliments, her caption that went along with the picture certainly clarifies her intentions. It read, "Finally...relaxation."

Um, yeah -- sure, Heidi. Sorry, but we're just not buying the relaxation thing, because it's highly obvious that the message she was really trying to send with this photo was, "I've had four kids and my body is still insanely hot and perfect -- and I think I have a right to rub it in and show it off to everyone."


As a mom of one who isn't a model and doesn't have a personal trainer, chef, nannies, not to mention an unlimited bank account that allows me to jet off to exotic locations to relax whenever I feel like it, I couldn't help but be pretty turned off by this photo.

Because every single time I see a picture of a celebrity mom looking like a 19-year-old in a bikini, I kind of want to scream a little bit. I mean, in my head I know that they are privy to all sorts of advantages that we regular moms aren't, making it much easier for them to look good. But seeing images like this one still conjures up negative thoughts about my own appearance every single time. It never fails. I look at shots like this one and think to myself, "If Heidi Klum can look that good after four kids, how come I can't look like that after one? Ugh. Time to start dieting and working out like crazy again."

We get it, Heidi -- you're gorgeous as hell and your body is nothing short of insane. But we already knew that, and we certainly don't need to see another picture of you arching your back and looking all sexy basking in the sun to help us declare that you're way hotter than most of us. Do us all a favor and tweet out pics of yourself looking frumpy and disheveled. We'll appreciate those a whole lot more and you'll seem so much easier to relate to -- trust me.

Do photos like Heidi's make you feel bad about yourself?


Image via Twitter

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