10 Hot Boots Moms Won't Kill Their Feet In (& 10 They Will!)

10 Hot Boots Moms Won't Kill Their Feet In (& 10 They Will!)

bootsI like fall for three reasons: dressing in layers, pumpkin spice and apple everything, and boots. Fall is where it's at. Boots are wear it's at. (Get it!?) What's not to love about wool socks and comfortable boots!? Duh, it means I don't need to shave my legs every other day. Don't even! You're thinking it too.

It's just ... ugh, there've been some seeeeriously wacked-out, uncomfortable-looking styles out so far. And some of the prices? Wow. I'm hoping it's just a case of the over-achievers needing to get their shoes out first, not caring what they look or feel like. As I'm not a shoe scientist, I cannot confirm this. So you've got all season long to redeem yourself, designers.

For now, let's take a deep, dark look at 10 of the zaniest, most high-maintenance boots that've made their debut so far and then thankfully! 10 sexy but more practical, comfy boots we can look good in without breaking our necks.

What will you be wearing on your feet this fall?

Image via col&tasha/Flickr

  • Thigh High


    Image via Neiman Marcus, DSW


    My goodness! HOW are you ever going to get your pants into the Brian Atwood thigh-high boots (left) without having to amputate? Or at least sacrifice pants for the occasion? Oh wait, you're not. Which is why the over-the-knee Sergio Rossi (right) are a better fit for a leggy night out.

    ($1,312.00 from Neiman Marcus)
    ($399.95 from DSW)

  • Buckles


    Image via ModCloth, DSW

    Like a little buckle in your life? I do too, but the Buckle Down to Business Boot (left) just has a little too many loops. And if you've got tots running around, what do you wanna bet they'll love undoing each and everyone one of 'em? The buckled up look is a hot trend for fall -- so play it up with just one or two. A little bit goes a long way. Trust.

    ($122.99, ModCloth)
    ($119.95, DSW)

  • Over-the-Knee


    Image via Neiman Marcus, ModCloth


    Here's the deal: If you want to wobble-de-wobble all the way home and pout all through dinner because your feet are killing you -- go on and buy the Rachel Zoe boots on the left. But if you're looking for comfort that still satisfies your over-the-knee urge, ta da! Check them babies on the right.

    ($750.00 from Neiman Marcus)
    ($129.99 from ModCloth)

  • Fringe


    Image via DSW, DSW

    The point of a little fringe is to make it look like you're down with your inner hippie, right? You're not supposed to look like you rolled around in the hay with the gang, are you? Didn't think so. Maybe it's a personal thing, but you can see why the pair on the right get my vote.

    ($74.95 from DSW)
    ($99.95 from DSW)

  • Western


    Image via DSW, ModCloth

    If you're in the mood for a rodeo or a good ol' fashioned night at your favorite saloon -- or you're just tryin' to wrangle your own cowboy -- the boots on the right are statement enough. Plus, wear, tear, and unpredictable weather will show much more on the pair on the left.

    ($59.95 from DSW)
    ($59.99 from ModCloth)

  • Buttons


    Image via Mod Cloth, DSW

    I'm not going to talk about the color on the mustard yellow pair on the left because you know why? I like mustard yellow. Not on shoes, but I like it. The problem is the buttons. There's a lot of them. Too many. If you want the buttons, fine; have them. Just hint at the style in a less attention-seeking, more fashionable way. Like on the right.

    ($149.99 from ModCloth)
    ($249.95 from DSW)

  • Two-Toned


    Image via DSW, ALDO Shoes

    Remember the two-toned Chanel boots we all were dying over but none of us could afford? Well, I still haven't gotten over them. Thank goodness for knockoffs! The pair on the right mimics the famed designer's boot better than the pair on the left and I think it has to do with placement. The two-toned hue (left) in the middle of the ankle just sections off your leg in a weird way.

    ($139.95 from DSW)
    ($159.98 from ALDO Shoes)

  • Colored


    Image via ALDO Shoes, Urban Outfitters

    Is it just me or does spending close to $200 on a white pair of boots seem like a paradox? Or an oxymoron? Or ... something. Anyway, since color is hot in a big way, you should definitely buy into the look. Stick with lighter (or darker) grays -- like on the right -- or take it in the other direction and shop for deeper, richer shades.

    ($170.00 from ALDO Shoes)
    ($378.00 from Urban Outfitters)

  • Studs


    Image via ALDO Shoes, DSW

    Want to know what's more badass than studs on your feet? Nothing! So you should have no reservations about adding a hint of rocker to your routine. It'll go so well with that raggy Motley Crue tee you've got lying around. The pair on the right do the studs in a more tasteful way, whereas the pair on the left could potentially act as a leather weapon.

    ($180.00 from ALDO Shoes)
    ($69.95 from DSW)

  • Lace Up


    Image via ModCloth, Urban Outfitters

    Raise your hand if you're at all interested in adding an extra 15 minutes to your morning routine by tying up your own shoes. No one? Well, it's true: if you've got kids to get prepped for school, maybe you're already busy teaching them how to loop, swoop, and pull. So when it comes time to slip into your own shoes, make life easier and just go for the zipper (right).

    ($69.99 from ModCloth)
    ($99.00 from Urban Outfitters)

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