10 Hot Boots Moms Won't Kill Their Feet In (& 10 They Will!)

bootsI like fall for three reasons: dressing in layers, pumpkin spice and apple everything, and boots. Fall is where it's at. Boots are wear it's at. (Get it!?) What's not to love about wool socks and comfortable boots!? Duh, it means I don't need to shave my legs every other day. Don't even! You're thinking it too.

It's just ... ugh, there've been some seeeeriously wacked-out, uncomfortable-looking styles out so far. And some of the prices? Wow. I'm hoping it's just a case of the over-achievers needing to get their shoes out first, not caring what they look or feel like. As I'm not a shoe scientist, I cannot confirm this. So you've got all season long to redeem yourself, designers.

For now, let's take a deep, dark look at 10 of the zaniest, most high-maintenance boots that've made their debut so far and then thankfully! 10 sexy but more practical, comfy boots we can look good in without breaking our necks.

What will you be wearing on your feet this fall?

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sweet... sweetcherry_59

Oh yay! Another fucking slideshow! ....said NO ONE ever.

japan... japanmommy

Lol sweetcherry_59

mompam mompam

I like all your choices. I need to get some boots!

Jscot... Jscott1216

These were all ugly! And instead of offering a more affordable choice most cases the alternative was more expensive and even uglier than the ones you disliked. Def not taking fashion advice from


doubl... doublesweetness

While I appreciate the more "practical" options that you've shown, it seems that, more often than not, the alternatives listed were more expensive than the inspiration shoes! Also, I liked the majority of the inspiration shoes much more. 

nonmember avatar Roks

So, basically... you want everyone to wear flat brown boots? And occasionally get adventurous and wear black ones?

Why??? Whats wrong with studded boots? How does slightly less studs make it more practical? They aren't real studs, they're rounded. Who goes around unlacing their shoes all the way anyway??? Jesus, you even have a problem with buttons?? Pressing them together is not really an advanced skill you know.

(Not to mention: My fans are the thigh high and over the leg neiman marcus boots, and the mustard yellow boots. Can't afford the former tho! But would totally buy them. To chase after my toddler in. Because I can.)

Doomy234 Doomy234

I actually liked the mustard yellow boots. And the brown lace all the way up ones. They kinda have a steampunk quality to them.

I do like your choice for studded ones though. But most of these are out of my price range for a pair of shoes.

Personally though, I will stick to my $50 or less selection of boots. They are warm, stylish, and completely comfortable. And most of all AFFORDABLE. :)

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