Fall's Prettiest Makeup Trends Simplified

dark red lipstickSometimes I leaf through a magazine and get completely overwhelmed when I see the over-the-top gorgeous models wearing the latest styles. That is so not me, I think. But then I look closer and realize that yes, even I can wear rock those looks ... with some adaptation.

This Fall there are some very bold makeup trends that if worn all together it would get you banned from any "mommy and me" class forever. But if worn right and with a light hand, would just make others think you just got a great night's sleep and envy your look. Like the dark red lipstick trend for example. A clean face (a little powder to control shine) and Maybelline's SuperStay 14 Hr Lipstick  ($6.94) in Wine and Forever is a great way to make your lips pop while keeping the rest of your face subtle. I'd wear it with just a little mascara on my eyes, too.


Almay Liquid Liner in Black ($5.94) is my favorite liquid liner hands-down. And that retro, cat eye look that I love so much is in style ... with a very heavy hand. The lines are dark, thick, and extend far beyond the lash line. Doesn't mean you have to wear it that way. To simplify, follow the upper lash line and take the wand just a tiny bit upward and out from the corner and you have the look. Practice to see how much you dare to line!

liquid liner

The elusive smoky eye! It's not easy to achieve. I've tried and tried. But Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner ($9.32) is making it easy on us. It's all there on the box with a tutorial -- and you buy the shades that work best with your eye color. This one is for brown eyes. I dare you to try the dramatic look.

smokey eyes

Super saturated bold eyeshadow might be more of a nighttime look. But in moderation can be daytime, too. Hard Candy Eye Def Glitter Eyeshadow ($6) looks so pretty with just a hint of color on your lids. This color is called Essence of Envy -- love it. There are over a dozen more colors to choose from as well. 

One very welcomed trend this Fall is big and bold eyebrows. Everything is very bold this season, isn't it? And I'm so happy about it because far too many women need to put the tweezers down and let some hair grow. Of course, tweeze the ones in the center as not to have a uni-brow, but keep your brows full and gorgeous. If you've overplucked, try Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil & Gel ($6.48) to fill in the vacancies.

Which Fall makeup trend do you like the most?


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