Real Mom Beauty Secrets You Won't Know How You Lived Without

makeup in mirrorI know a mom whose hair always looks amazing, another whose skin is flawless, and another who just always looks completely put together even if she's wearing yoga pants and flip flops. How do these women do it? I finally asked. And they had a lot to say. And they were all little things that we can all do -- quickly and easily -- to feel even more fabulous.

These pretty ladies shared their beauty secrets with me and now I'm sharing them with you. Let's learn what these tips so we can try them out, shall we?


My friend Leah "Lovely Locks" couldn't stop singing the praises of coconut oil. I had no idea it was so versatile. She uses it to moisturize her skin and lips, and it's perfect to give her coarse, curly hair deep conditioning treatments. Coconut oil can also relieve sunburns and bug bites, and it can be used as a diaper rash ointment and preventative measure. She even uses it in her daughter's hair to help eliminate tangles. It also works wonders as a leave-in conditioner.

Leah also loves flavored lip balm. She doesn't wear lipstick because she's always kissing her kids, but a little flavored lip balm makes her pout feel fresh and pretty ... and gives her lips a little pop of sheen.

I'm always in awe of my friend Staci's perfect skin and when she told me that her secret weapon is concealer, I was shocked. The key to making it look like you aren't wearing any at all is to choose the right shade for your skin and blend well, but gently. Make sure to moisturize under eye every day and night as well to keep skin soft and nourished. Removing those dark under eye circles is an instant pick-me-up.

Christie insists that particularly when you are wearing sandals, keeping your feet looking pretty is essential. Which is why she not only polishes her toenails, but she uses a pumice stone or foot file to get rid of any rough spots on the bottom of her feet. Head to toe beauty, ladies -- this is important.

My pals Lori and Angie both have gorgeous eyes and they say to instantly not look tired just wear mascara. Use liberally and hello bright eyes!

My little secret for women with long hair is to braid your hair before bed and sleep with it in. Not knots the next day and you have mermaid-looking waves. Plus, it means it's a no wash your hair day, saving you time, too.

Have you tried any of these secrets? Have any others you want to share?

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