5 Ways to Spice Up Your Boring Ponytail

ponytailThe ponytail ... it's as much a part of our mom uniform as a comfy pair of flats and splattering of half eaten food stains. And just like there is a way to make our shoes exciting even if they aren't 3-inch heels, we can get a little sassy with our ponytail. The food stains ... well, we just have to embrace those. Besides no one will notice if your hair looks awesome.

I have some ideas to make your hair look amazing. Ideas that go beyond the middle part or side part ponytail. You tried different parts already, right? Try it! Totally different looks. Read on to learn 5 more ways to jazz up that ponytail.


1. Braid it! Just pull your hair back into a low ponytail, secure it with a Goody Ouchless Elastic ($6.98 for a 70 count) and then braid, securing the end as well. You can do this with a side part or center part, and you can leave the braid to hang down your back or pull it to one side. And you can even take one small strand, braid it, and then wrap it around the elastic close to head to add a little fancy there.

hair ties

2. Crimp it! For those who roll their eyes and think crimping is totally 80s I say, yes, yes it is. And the 80s were totally awesome so why not crimp with Bed Head Little Tease Mini Crimping Iron ($14.97).

crimping iron


3. Add accessories! The ponytail doesn't have to be the only thing going on in your mane. Add a headband or a scarf. I love an easy wrap like the Essentials Headband (store pricing may vary), or a long scarf that ends up resting down your back.



4. Tease it out! We tend to go for a slick, smooth, easy manageable looking ponytail. Which does look fantastic but when you run around with kids all day, it ends up looking frantic. Why not start frantic on purpose and tease your pony out with Goody Finish Paddle Brush ($4.97). Wild. Pretty. Perfectly messy. This brush will help smooth it out after, too.


5. Color it! Your kids don't have to have all the fun with temporary colors in their hair. Why not try one or all three of Fing'rs Crayola Hair Color Stix (prices may vary) on a few chucks of your ponytail to add a little extra flair. It washes right out so no commitment, just the cool look.

temporary color

Which ponytail look is your favorite?


Main image via ClickFlashPhotos/Nicki Varkevisser/Flickr

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