Kendall Jenner’s Tan Lines Make an Unfortunate Appearance

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Kylie Jenner's Bad Tan linesI can't lie: Kendall Jenner is pretty successful for a 16-year-old. Much much more successful than her sister Kimmy was at that age, you know -- pre sex tape. That, and she's uber mature for her age. Heck, she seems to have her act together more than me (I'm in my mid-20s, FYI) and knows better than to drink or get a tattoo without her parents consent.

So you would THINK the darling Dash doll would know better than to step out well, like this.

Kendall stepped out to sign a few copies of her latest cover for Raine magazine over the weekend rocking a cute strapless black dress and adorable booties. But can we just pause for a moment to talk about what else showed up to her book signing? Well hello there, tan lines. Looks like Kendall Jenner's been spending a little too much time making music videos in the sun. That, or she got a ridiculously serious spray tan.

I get it, Kendall's only 16. Doesn't she know, though, that visible tan lines are a HELL no?

Personally, I'm part of the no tan lines club. No, I don't head out to the beach naked, but I do head out with strapless suits. Whether you're looking for a more covered style or want to rock a two-piece bandeau, the strapless silhouette offers the same great coverage without all the tan line hassle. Yes, please.

I know I know, things happen. So what if you get accidental tan lines and you have an event to go to? Say hello to your new best friend: self tanner. I swear -- I'm not superficial. Really! I'm not. But come on. If you're heading to a big event where you're snappin' photos that you'll have forever (wedding, bridal showers, bar mitzvah, you get the idea) then the last thing you want are tan lines ruining the photos. 

Plain and simple: Whether they're on Kendall or on you and I, the measly little lines are just awkward. I feel like I'm sorta seeing you without your clothes on. And welp, then I blush.

Do you rock tan lines in the summer? Would you wear a dress like Kendall's if you had them?


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banan... banana-bear

So you're picking on a kid for having tans lines? That's the whole gist of this piece, right? Wow.

linzemae linzemae

She is being picked on for having tan lines? Really? I'M usually proud of mine but I don't spray tan or fake bake.

Heather Duso Johnson

It wouldn't be so obvious if her dress was covering her breasts, like it should on someone her age.  Kind of strange someone from a family that obessessed with appearances wouldn't notice something like that, but most of us have done it.

tuffy... tuffymama

BFD. She's a stunning girl with lovely skin, with or without tan lines. Get off the jealousy train and stop trashing kids. Sixteen may be the age of consent, but she's still a kid, and hands off to sniping "adult" bitches.

jen1130 jen1130

Who cares.....tan lines means she had a bikini top on!!!!! That's a good thing!!!!

trowbert trowbert

Not a big deal at all to me, but everybody has *something* that drives them nuts. Me, I can't stand French pedicures, why would anyone want to make their toenails look way too long on purpose?!? I can practically hear them clacking on the floor like a dogs nails do. Absolutely disgusting. But tan lines? Meh, no biggie, lol.

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