Lady Gaga Dyes Her Hair Brown & Looks So Normal It’s Crazy (VIDEO)

lady gagaLady Gaga is known for her crazy sense of style, but her latest transformation makes me think I'm missing something. Mama Monster has dyed her hair brown, and, that's it. She dyed her hair brown. No bloody streaks, no feathers, no glitter, no nothing -- it's like the reverse of crazy. Wait, is the reverse of crazy actually crazy? If Lady Gaga looks normal, is that, in fact, her looking the craziest? I can't keep up. Gaga's gone back to her roots because she wanted a change, and possibly a job with Louis Vuitton.


Before going brown, Gaga tweeted, “Definitely feeling less blond lately and little more progressive brunette. I am LOUIS VUITTON BROWN. B*TCH THATS LV."

Brown like the color of their bags, I guess? Apparently, lots and lots of little monsters want that same LV brown hair color, and Gaga says that it's a total process going from blond to brown (totally agree -- I did it once, in a nice salon, no less, and my hair came out green) and advises that fans experiment with mixing pink and lavender toners before diving into the natural brown coloring. Huh.

Mother Monster originally left a blond streak above her left ear, but tweeted later that she might dye that part brown, too, to be more of a purist.

Hard to say how long this brown 'do will last -- two weeks is my guess -- but while she's over there in Amsterdam, doing her thing, I hope she enjoys her so-not-crazy-it's-crazy new hairstyle. After we learned that gentlemen really do prefer blondes, it's nice to see brunettes making a comeback.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's new 'do?


Photo via LadyGaga/Twitter

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