Jennifer Aniston’s Nude Bra Definitely Does the Trick (VIDEO)

jennifer anistonOh, hey, would you look at that -- here's a picture of Jennifer Aniston in her bra. Yowza! Completely unsurprisingly, the recently-betrothed actress looks fantastic. And I've gotta say, even though her brazier is obviously for her role in We Are the Millers, I'm loving the fact that it's nude. Who needs a black bra when you can go nude?


Let me tell you a sort of boring story: Years ago, I thought nude bras were ... old ladyish, totally unsexy, kind of gross. But then I purchased one -- a cute, lacy one that fit properly -- and let me tell you, game-changer. Super interesting, right? Don't you feel like you "know me" better now? Anyway!

In all seriousness, I'm a fan of the nude bra. The cute nude bra. Not the padded, spandexy, strictly-functional nude bra. Not only can it be a fun, sexy deviation from the traditionally-sexy black bra, it works with basically everything. Just like you can rarely go wrong with nude shoes or a nude bag, you can rarely go wrong with a nude bra -- or a nude tank, for that matter. Nude, nude, nude! They cover you up, but don't look, so ... obvious. They make whatever you're wearing the focus, instead of the undergarment. It's a win-win all around. Just like Jennifer Aniston's body! Ow!

Do you like nude bras or think they're "old ladyish"?

Image via Splash

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