Katie Holmes & Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Feud Should Be Settled With a Walk-Off

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"Katie's show is whatnow?"
You guys remember when Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, and David Beckham were besties? Vicky and Davey had just moved to L.A., and Tommy and Katie were really eager to take them out, show them all that California has to offer, and convince them that Xenu is their lord. There'd been rumors ever since that Vick and Dave became Scientologists, but nothing's been confirmed. Anyway, this is relevant because there might be some sort of Scientology style showdown at fashion week this year.

Apparently, Katie Holmes is showing her collection, Holmes & Yang, the same day that Victoria Beckham is having her show! Stop it.


While there may not be any real competition between these two -- Victoria's in her eighth season and is a respected designer at this point; this is Katie's first foray into NYFW -- it's fun nevertheless to say things like "shtyle showdown" and "fashion faceoff", isn't it? Plus, the idea of them embattled in a Zoolander-style walk-off is pretty great, as well. Add in the drama of Katie's divorce and all the nasty things her little Suri has said about Harper Beckham, and you're guaranteed some made-up fireworks.

No matter why people pay attention to Katie's collection, any publicity around her fashion show is going to be a good thing. As a relatively green designer, press is press is press. Yes, we know every detail about Katie's personal life, but when it comes to what her Spring 2013 theme is going to be ... crickets. And if she wants to make a profit from Holmes & Yang, she better get some buzz around her show so that buyers buy it up.

Hopefully Vic and Kate are laughing big, open-mouth laughs about this rumor that they're somehow in competition, showing on the same day and everything. Hopefully they've got their tiny little fingers wrapped around champagne flutes and are toasting right now to a successful "shtyle showdown" before they kiss kiss and retire to their multi-million dollar apartments where Katie updates Suri's burn book and Victoria sends vague threats of an ass-kicking to this Yang person she's heard so little about.

Only a few weeks til we see how this all pans out!

Ah, fashion week. It's the most wonderful time of the year, no?

Photo via friskytuna/Flickr

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