5 '80s Looks to Love & 5 More We’d Love to Forget (PHOTOS)

80s styleBig shocker: Fashion recycles and repeats itself (flared jeans, anyone?). Even bigger shocker: '80s inspired trends are hot again this season. Ok, fine, it's not like the '80s retro, funky fashions ever totally left the scene (raise your hand if you've ever been to a disco-party!) but now the style is soaring back. Oh hell, yea!

When I heard the news, I listened to "Let's Get Physical" on repeat and recited as many lines of Dirty Dancing as I could recall from rote memory. And while that was all well and good, pictures of horrible '80s looks kept surging into my imagination. So I'll admit it: There were lots of fashions from the beloved era that completely missed the mark. But there were dozens of cute keepers.

Check out five '80s inspired styles that you need to get right this instant -- and five more that should've stayed buried.

What was your favorite '80s look?

Image via calmenda/ Flickr

  • High-Waisted Jeans


    Image via Urban Outfitters


    I'm a big fan of high-waisted anything, but especially high-waisted jeans. The fit is comfortable, fun and fashionable -- and definitely a trend that should stick around forever!

    ($39.00, Urban Outfitters)

  • Pullover Hoodies


    Image via Forever21

    This look fell off for a little bit, but now it's back for good (fingers crossed). The fit is less bulky than a typical hooded sweatshirt and it you can still dress the look up.

    ($17.80, Forever21)

  • Oversized Earrings


    Image via Urban Outfitters

    They're back and they're better than ever! Even if you're not wearing oversized earrings as part of an '80s inspired costume, add these gems to an every day outfit to a little bit of funk and fun.

    ($18.00, Urban Outfitters)

  • Oversized Tee's


    Image via Forever21


    I think every female loves the oversized look. No need to worry about sucking it in or skipping dessert -- this look is stylish. Dress it up with some blinged out jewels or keep it cool with a pair of skinny jeans.

    ($13.80, Forever21)

  • Leg Warmers


    Image via FranUlloa/ Flickr


    Alright: If you say this is not cute, you have no soul. Everybody is slippin' into (or sewing their own) leg warmers for fall and winter. You can wear them tucked into boots, at the gym or paired with flats.

  • Acid Washed Jeans


    Image via Nasty Gal


    Maybe I'm biased toward this because it doesn't look right on me, or maybe 'cause I can't justify spending money on a pair of jeans I could ruin myself. Either way -- this one style I'm totally ok without.

    ($68.00, Nasty Gal)

  • Patterned Leggings


    Image via Urban Outfitters


    If you own these and you're above the age of 8, here's hoping you use them strictly for cleaning or around-the-house activities. So this way, you can have your style and no one else has to see you. Perfect!

    ($39.00, Urban Outfitters)

  • Neons


    Image via Nasty Gal


    Neons were huge this summer but to be honest, I don't really love the look. I think it drowns out your natural color and it's just too bright, perky and peppy for me. It's like, hey, did you roll around in glow-in-the-dark paint again?

    ($58.00, Nasty Gal)

  • Spandex


    Image via Nasty Gal


    If you're just leaving the gym, OK, fine. If you're headed out to a bar: not soooo fast. Spandex outfits can go right back where they came from, in my opinion.

    ($28.00, Nasty Gal)

  • Scrunchies


    Image via Urban Outfitters


    I'll admit: Sometimes I see my mom wearing a scrunchie and I think it's downright adorable. But then I put one on myself and it just all goes horribly, horribly wrong.

    ($12.00, Urban Outfitters)

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