'Glee' Star Lea Michele Pulls an Angelina Jolie at Awards Show

lea michele cory monteithIt's always nice to see actors finally rewarded for all the hard work they do, especially when we're not in awards season. How else would they know their loved by all unless they're told to dress up and handed a shiny trophy? Thankfully, the Do Something Awards were last night on Vh1 and Glee stars Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were each there to fete, uh, doing something. Lea was nominated for her work with the fundamentalist group, PETA, and graciously decided to show of her sexy, animalistic side, sans fur, in an Armani gown, Jenni Kayne shoes, and Fendi bag.


Perhaps it was the altruistic vibe of the evening that inspired Lea to channel humanitarian and actress Angelina Jolie -- the high slit in Lea's dress was made infamous by Angie at another actors awards ceremony.

We've seen Lea in a lot of red carpet looks over the years, but this outfit has got to be the sexiest. Maybe she felt brave enough to wear the barely-there frock because boyfriend Cory Monteith was on hand, perhaps able to protect her from anyone who stares just a little too long.

The girl-next-door turned foxy lady is a trend we've seen a lot of recently, and I can't wait for Katie Holmes to get the memo and start dressing like a sexy villain, or something. I just picture a lot of leather, and of course, the tallest heels one can find.

Lea took home the award for doing something more than other TV actors did and looked darn good caring that silver sneaker trophy thing with wings. So there's that.

Thoughts on Lea's outfit?


Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty

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