Britney Spears' Super Hot Bikini Shot Is So Much More Than That (PHOTO)

britney spearsYou guys, Britney Spears looks good. Like, legitimately good, not not-barefoot-in-a-gas-station good. Good good. Check out the smoking hot bikini shot the almost-original pop princess added to Facebook this weekend. I mean, right? This photo -- complete with "Ya'll ready for summer to end? I'm definitely not!" caption -- is a bona fide comeback shot if there ever was one. And, hey, a celebrity other than Kim Kardashian posted a bikini shot in the last few days, so there's that.


Let's gawk for a moment. Gorgeous spray tan, glowing veneers, flowing mane of shiny, blonde extensions. This looks like the Brit-Brit we all grew to know and love years ago. The pre-shaved head/Kevin Federline/descent into Cheeto-encrusted hell Britney; the sexy girl-next-door Britney. And from the sound of things, this Britney is (maybe, hopefully) here to stay.

According to TMZ, last Wednesday, Spears made a surprise court appearance looking incredibly "hot" in a short peach-colored dress and matching pearls (side-bar, she also apparently "wasn't wearing her engagement ring" -- thoughts?). Britney Spears in pearls? To hell you say, TMZ! What's next, little white gloves and a pill-box cap? Here's hoping! Not really. But perhaps her new gig on X Factor has inspired her to class things up a bit. Channel her inner-Jackie O. Or at least, you know, shower and throw on a couple coats of mascara or whatever. I like it.

Hopefully, Britney's "comeback" is the real deal. So far, in the 13 or so years she's been entertaining us, she's had about seven comebacks, so one can never know. But I'm holding my breath this time 'round, 'cause that's one hell of a bikini shot.

Do you think Britney's making a comeback?

Image via Splash

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