Kristen Stewart 'Trampire' T-Shirts Take Celeb Gossip to a New Level (PHOTO)

trampireRemember when, not that long ago, Will Ferrell called Kristen Stewart a "trampire" in the midst of an on-air RPattz/KStew/cheating scandal breakdown? Told you the name was going to catch on and spread like wildfire. As of a few days ago, you -- yes, you! -- can be the proud new owner of a crisp white t-shirt that has the words "Kristen Stewart is a trampire" emblazoned across the chest. For just the low, low price of $20.99! It's your lucky day, friend!


Ooorrr not. Hey, remember those Team Jolie/Team Aniston t-shirts that were all the rage a few years back? Yeah, those were cool! Not!

Look, I love me some celeb gossip just as much as the next gal, but wearing celeb gossip kind of takes things to a new level of obsession/ridiculousness. I get that it's kitsch and all, but dude, do you really want to shell out $20.99 plus freakin' shipping and handling for a shirt that will be mildly-amusing for, like, a month? $20.99! That's, like, five shirts at Forever 21. Or four Chipotle burritos. Or six Starbucks coffees. Or 20 extension cords from the dollar store. Or one 3-minute phone call to Italy! Wouldn't you rather say ciao! to a friend than buy this silly shirt?

Plus, enough with the anti-KStew campaign already. Yeah, yeah, she messed up, etc., but things are getting out of control. I barely remember this much hoopla surrounding Brad Pitt "allegedly" cheating on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie. And they were married!

So, yeah, I'm against these t-shirts. But I do still think the nickname is funny. Do with that what you will.

Will you be purchasing a "Kristen Stewart is a trampire" shirt?


Image via Skreened

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Honestly?? How low can people be? Isn't it time for this topic to be over? Jeesh!

Hilda Moreno

Stupid t-shirts, hope Will Farrelll puts a stop to the word as it was he's saying it. Enough! Leave the girl alone already!

Danielle Billy

pooooor girl she messed up but she still has feelings

paren... parentalrights1

Leave her the fuck alone. I don't care how famous she is, this shit is BULLYING. Bullies always have some lame excuse that the victim deserved it. She didn't cheat on anyone but Rob. The only people who should be upset right now are those involved and for crying out loud she is not the first woman on the planet to cheat on someone.

Let it fucking go.

Kate Tatiana

god will stop leave her alone you guys getting too low now we accepted she cheated stop this shit  about her now let her alone u dipshit people

Misty... Misty.Dawn

the whole "trampire" nickname WAS really funny. But i def wouldnt buy a shirt that says it. & im with everybody else...enough is enough

Cristina Okotte

disgusting. if pattinson fans are ready to buy this shit,well... pattinson need to leave hollywood right now ,because his career is based on  these crazy women.

Buffy Halliday

I am with you all. She is only human every one makes mistakes. Leave them alone. So what if they are actors and important people. They deserve to have there private lives left out of there jobs. Enough is enough all ready. The ones that keep bringing this up need to grow up and get a life and leave the actors and actress alone.

Lisa Bruno-Legname

He needs to come out and make a statement about it, and tell his fans "Let it go", or they are gonna make BD promo's really bad for movie. They need to kiss and make up, even on a friends basis, and he needs to show everyone that he is getting over this and although they might not be a couple they are friends. Or at least professional. Media is making her crawl in a hole and he is reeping the rewards with a big boost to his career. So indirectly she has helped him, yet again. Shame this should be a time with the last installment to this movie, that they should unite and at least bask in their accomplishments in that. Not the first heart break they will have in their lives, won't be the last, but they worked real hard for 4 yrs. Just embrace your acting credits, Kristen, hold your head high and don't worry about what people think...other people are counting on you two.....leave your problems outside the red carpet...PR will make you hide til the tide goes out, but I think it will be alright, people are going to forget after awhile. My nieces are heartbroken that they will not see Bella and Edward together on hopefully you can come to terms and not disappoint them too much.

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