Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Decide Leather Outfits Are Perfect for Fro Yo Outing

kim kardashian kanye westYou know, sometimes I really feel like going out and getting some frozen yogurt, but it's like, damn, I can't because my thousand-dollar leather mini is at the dry cleaners, my knee-high leather boots are scuffed, and my boyfriend isn't around to escort me in a matching outfit. But Kim Kardashian? She doesn't have my third-world problems. Just recently, Kimmy and Kanye West were photographed in Hawaii with their low fat dairy desserts wearing matching leather ensembles and shit-eating grins.


I can only assume they got the same fro yo, because from what I can tell, they do everything the exact same. When Kim wears black, Kanye wears black. When Kim wears white, Kanye wears white. When Kim stars in a reality show, Kanye stars in a reality show. They're like matching his-and-hers sinks. Always coordinated. Always in the same place. Always one leak away from being demolished by a sledge hammer and replaced with the latest in high-fashion and high-society fixtures.

Besides the fact that they're matching, I also take issue with the clothes themselves. It's Hawaii. In August. Google tells me it's been in the low 80s all week. Leather may be in, but so is not dying of heat exhaustion. There's no fathomable reason that you wake up in the morning in the South Pacific and think, Hmm, the sun is shining, the humidity is high ... where's my all-animal skin outfit? I'd really like to sweat my ass off today. And when I get hot, I'd like to go eat some frozen animal milk to cool off.

Oh Kimye, they never cease to amaze. I wonder if they got their nearly identical outfits from Nordstrom along with that Kris Humpries subpoena. Huh. 

Thoughts on Kimye's matchy matchyness?


Photo via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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