Jenelle Evans Without Makeup Is a Kinder, Gentler Jenelle (PHOTO)

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Jenelle EvansThat Jenelle Evans really knows how to stir up the controversy ehhhh? She's all up in Snooki's business about how she "said" she didn't wanna clean up her baby's dirty diapers (false), causing Twitter wars, and who knows what. Now, she's gone and done something even crazier. Ready for it? The 20-year-old MTV star tweeted a photo of her without makeup. I know I know! Alert the authorities! 

The Teen Mom star is so totally copping a move from, oh, every celebrity EVAH. Is it not totally the "in" thing lately to tweet a photo of yourself sans makeup? We've seen Kim Kardashian au naturel. We've see Lady Gaga fresh faced. We wish we hadn't seen Courtney Stodden without makeup.

With all things considered, I'd say Jenelle is looking pretty good, though. Kind of surprising considering all the stress she's been under lately, don't you agree?

Makeup is a beautiful thing. Heck, it's a woman's best friend. However, it's always totally disappointing when a big celebrity heads out without her face on and we see an entirely different person. With Jenelle, though, that's not the case. The Teen Mom star looks refreshed (and super tan!).

Heck, I sort of like her better this way than with her signature gobs of black eyeliner. No offense, Jenelle, but if you can look this good without loads of makeup on, I think it's a sign that you should save your time in the morning and skip that step. While you're at it, take the time you'd be using to apply your eyeliner and send out a memo to all Teen Mom stars that it's just not a good look. Deal? Perfection.

What do you think of Jenelle's makeup-free face?


Image via Twitter

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nonmember avatar Guest

Her eyebrows are quite unfortunate

CanCa... CanCan123

 why does she always takes pic of herself in her car????? get a better background already :), she needs makeup BTW ;)

nonmember avatar liz

why do you care so much about jenelle? do you not have a life? just about everyother post is about jenelle evans... maybe your jealous you dont get as much attention as she does. grow up.

Kylee Wojciechowski

i think she looks much prettier without makeup

Hollie Nyssen

I think whoever wrote this is an idiot who cares who tweeted a pic without makeup on get a life also if you are "totally dissapointed" when your fav stars go makeup free you need to pull your head out of the sand I totally am tired of reading about teen moms and their "drama" UNLIKED PAGE

nonmember avatar Ashley

I think she looks like an ugly whore both ways. I love her little scars on her arms.. straight down not across. =)

Felicia Upchurch Hunter

@cancan123- She's always taking pictures in her car because that's basically where she lives because her mother can't stand her! hahaha

Summer K Baldwin

Why are you even giving attention to a drug addict, that cant even take care of her kid?? Seriously, nobody cares what she looks like without makeup. She is disgusting as a human. Stop glorifying trash!!

Summer K Baldwin

Isn't this a site for MOMS, not girls that get pregnant too young to care about their responsibility and then pass the job off to their own mother , even after they land a TV show and obviously make enough money to afford the childs care?? GROSS. Who edits the stories that make this site?


jessi... jessicasmom1

I wished many would be comfortable in her own skin

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