7 Beautiful Stars Who Keep Getting Better & Better With Age

kate winsletI love celebrities. I even like to pretend I'm their BFF. As such, I feel like it's my job to tell the girls when they look really bad, really good, and really, really freakin' gorgeous. And today, know what I want to talk about? A-List stars who only get better with age, like fine wines ... um, sorry, overused cliche there.

Anyway, don't get it twisted -- these women have always been beautiful in my book, inside and out. But somehow, they just keep looking prettier, happier, and lovelier every day. It's a mystery.

So here now, to prove how timeless their natural, flawless beauty really is, are 6 celebrities who look better as they get older. Let's all cross our fingers that we age this gracefully!

Any other stars you think have aged beautifully?


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amazz... amazzonia

jennifer lopez? really? with all the surgery she had I wold look great too! she doesn't even look like herself anymore!

count... countrygirl670

Holy smokes- Helen Mirren is gorgeous!

linzemae linzemae

Kate Winslet is just perfection! But you forgot Meryl Streep

nonmember avatar Grace

jLo? Maybe her body yes, but face? Too much plastic surgery vs a litttle nip tuck. I think Sandra Bulllock, Kate Beckingsale, and Jennifer Garner should be on that list. Kate Winslet is so timeless. Love her!

wjbra... wjbrady2011

I disagree about Sarah Jessica parker. She looks like a donkey. The rest I agree with

turna... turnandburn04

They all look amazing except for SJP, you would think with all that money she could get that horrible mole removed, its like she is in costume as the wicked witch of the west all the time.

craft... craftycatVT

Wjbrady2011 took the words right out of my mouth. I'm tired of being told that SJP is good looking.

craft... craftycatVT

I would have also added Cate Blanchette to the list.

nonmember avatar Fyi

She actually HAS had her mole removed.

DebaLa DebaLa

and now for the men's list...

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