7 Beautiful Stars Who Keep Getting Better & Better With Age

kate winsletI love celebrities. I even like to pretend I'm their BFF. As such, I feel like it's my job to tell the girls when they look really bad, really good, and really, really freakin' gorgeous. And today, know what I want to talk about? A-List stars who only get better with age, like fine wines ... um, sorry, overused cliche there.

Anyway, don't get it twisted -- these women have always been beautiful in my book, inside and out. But somehow, they just keep looking prettier, happier, and lovelier every day. It's a mystery.

So here now, to prove how timeless their natural, flawless beauty really is, are 6 celebrities who look better as they get older. Let's all cross our fingers that we age this gracefully!

Any other stars you think have aged beautifully?


Image via Splash News