'Gossip Girl' Star Kelly Rutherford Debunks Biggest Beauty Myths

kelly rutherfordKelly Rutherford may play a uber glamorous, Upper East Side mom on Gossip Girl, but her real life is anything but. The mom to Hermes, 6, and Helena, 3, she spends most of her days doing what just about every working mother does when she's off the clock -- chase after her kids.

Still, there is no denying she looks fantastic. Her secret? No, it's not the occasional nip and tuck. I recently sat down with Rutherford at the Smash Beauty Legends event in New York City where she and dermatologist Dr. Lily Talakoub debunked the biggest beauty myths (mayonnaise hair treatment anyone?) and revealed the secret to being a seriously hot mama at any age.


So the key to being able to hold her own next to Leighton Meester and Blake Lively is something we all can do. Rutherford says it's all about prioritizing nap time -- not theirs, ours. "I think rest is so important, especially when you have children," she said. "A lot of what makes us not look great as moms is that we are tired." 

She's not kidding. You could pack a Thomas the Tank Engine set in the bags under my eyes some days. So Rutherford herself sneaks in sleep whenever she can -- when the kids are down, in the makeup chair for work.

Simple right? And forget about those get-gorgeous-quick tricks, she warned. For most of us, the question isn't what we've done for the sake of beauty, it's what haven't we done. Honestly, I will try just about anything for the promise of stronger, longer locks and a glowing, blemish-free face. Fact is, they just don't work. Here are some popular myths Rutherford and Dr. Talakoub smashed to smithereens.

  1. When you shave, the hair grows back thicker. FALSE "If this was true, I would shave my head every week," laughed Rutherford. It just appears thicker because the widest part of the hair grows out. Shaving doesn't actually change texture.
  2. Toothpaste will reduce the size of a pimple. FALSE Quite the contrary, there is an ingredient in most brands that can cause redness, making that awful blemish even worse.
  3. A sauna suit is the best way to drop weight fast. FALSE You've seen these before -- it looks like a puffy garbage bag cut into a jogging suit. In some cases, people just wear the trash bags! While we chatted, Rutherford asked a pal to demonstrate by wrapping up in bags and taking a 15-minute run. Hitting the scale when she got back, she actually had gained a pound.
  4. Injectable fillers like Restylane wear off in two months. FALSE Those laugh lines won't appear, nor will your lips deflate that fast. Actually, they can keep your pout perky for up to six months. It can last 18 months if you go in for a follow-up treatment. Shocking, right?
  5. Hemorrhoid cream can reduce under-eye bags. FALSE Makeup artists and beauty pageant contestants may swear by this, but there is no clinical evidence it actually works. It's more likely to irritate your skin than anything else. So keep that cream below the belt.

What other beauty myths do you know to be totally false?


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