5 Ways to Dress Like a Kardashian Without Going Broke (PHOTOS)

kardashian sistersIn a perfect world, I would share my clothes with the Kardashian sisters. Also in a perfect world, cookies would come without calories. Alas, this world is far from perfect. So no, I don't really get to rummage through Kourtney, Khloe and Kim's bajillion dollar wardrobe collection. Bummer.

But after watching many a season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and sleeping with one eye open as to never miss a step Kim, Khloe and Kourt take, I'm pretty sure I've learned all there is to know when it comes to dressing like one of the Kardashian girls. Now I'm not suggesting we turn in our Macy's finds for pricey designer duds -- or dress head-to-toe in couture frocks. All it takes is a few simple, stylish swaps to give your closet a Kardashian makeover. Here's how:

Do the Kardashian girls ever inspire your outfit choices?

Image via E! Online

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Kimbyann Kimbyann

How to dress without going broke but features a $70 blouse and $200 shoes?

jalaz77 jalaz77

Haha are you for real? These are the LAST girls I would want to dress like, the LAST. HORRIBLE fashion. I don't get the hype, tons of makeup, tight tight dresses or pants, huge chunky heels to add 5" to their short frames. No way.

paren... parentalrights1

I'm tired of them always trying to hide khloe's body in some way. She's not fat. She's just no short and petite. She's taller and looks bigger by comparison in photos.

Meg Moore

now why would i want to dress like a kardashian?

Texas... TexasGirl512

It's funny, you mention their collection from Sears and yet their Kollection is now HALF off at Sears. Hmmm wonder why?!

Element5 Element5

I have seen their line of clothing in Sears.. I don't know the quality.. They also sell their stuff on QVC! Does anyone thinks she/they wears that stuff ( unless selling it and only in pictures?) I am willing to bet that the stuff they want us to get is glued in china but what ever they wear is from Italy! All of those things are ugly ( especially the shoes!)


I'm still trying to figure out WHY I'd want to dress like them....

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