We Know Why Kelly Ripa Looks So Good Without Makeup

kelly ripaWhen I first saw the pictures on Instagram that insinuated Anderson Cooper is on gaycation with Andy Cohen in Croatia, I was thrilled. My two favorite Andy C's enjoying a little R&R together couldn't make me happier, especially in light of Anderson's boyfriend cheating problems. But after I pulled myself together and stopped doing small little claps held tight against my chest, I was like, hey, is that Kelly Ripa? What's she doing there? And hold the phone -- how does Kelly manage to look so flawless without makeup?

As if gaycationing with the Andy C's wasn't enough to make me rip my skin off in jealousy, Kelly's cosmetic-free face seals the deal. She and Gwyneth. Seriously. They're killing me.


We figured out yesterday how Gwyneth maintains a glowing complexion despite being a super busy mom of two, and Kelly, well, she kinda does the same sort of things.

Ms. Ripa might not have a website dedicated to showing us how to live a charmed life like G.P. does (sidebar: god I love the Goop emails. They're so aspirational and really transport me into a fantasy world where I plan to wear Lanvin flats on a plane instead of Old Navy flip-flops), but she is a proponent of the Tracy Anderson cult method, just as Gwyneth is. It's all about muscle memory, you guys. All about it.

When not working out, Kelly swears by drinking a lot of water, wearing sunscreen, and and and, wait for it ... getting Botox.

Aha! There it is. Eff hydration, Botox is the real beauty secret. No wonder she looks so perfect without makeup (but I'm sure she'd look just as good without injectables, too, etc. etc.).

Good for Kelly for telling it like it is. Now if only she'd open up about what's going on with Andy and Andy ...

What's your biggest beauty secret?


Photo via AndersonCooper/Instagram

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