6 Celebrity Moms Who Look So Good in a Bikini It Hurts (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Aug 16, 2012 Beauty & Style

Jennifer LopezEvery single time I go on vacation and dare to bare my pasty-white (somewhat) lumpy body in a bikini, I can't help but wish I could just wave a magic wand and instantly transform into some gorgeous celebrity who looks perfect in a swimsuit. Because judging from just how amazing some celebrity moms look in their bikinis -- it's not like the "I had a baby so my body isn't what it used to be" excuse is really even valid anymore. (Which totally sucks.)

More and more famous moms are pulling off looking perfectly toned and svelte on the beach, as was evident from photos taken of various hot mamas strutting their stuff this summer. Take Jennifer Lopez, for example. How on earth does she have that body after giving birth to twins -- and how does she manage to maintain her physique at 43?!

I definitely feel green with envy every time I see a beach pic of her, or any other celebrity mom looking like a goddess in a two-piece.

Take a look at the photos below to see other celebrity moms who look so hot in their bikinis, it's almost painful to look at them.

Do you feel confident wearing a bikini as a mom?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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