Jennifer Aniston's Massive Engagement Ring Is 'Just Like' Angelina Jolie's

jennifer anistonPoor Jennifer Aniston. Even though she's beautiful and rich and newly-engaged to a lovely-seeming man and everything's going right in her life, she just can't escape Angelina Jolie. I mean, what were the odds that these two ladies -- these two ladies who have been pitt against each other in the tabloids for seven years -- would be betrothed at the very same point in time? It's an Us Weekly/In Touch-Dream, but for Jen? It's probably a bit of a nightmare. The latest wedding comparison of the two ladies? Apparently, copycat extraordinaire Jennifer Aniston's massive engagement ring is "just like" Angelina's.


According to a friend of Jen's, the engagement ring Justin Theroux presented her with features a "huge emerald-cut diamond" and is "a rectangle with tapered diamond baguettes on the sides" valued approximately at a balls-to-the-wall eight carats. And as for Angie's ring, well, it too is a platinum-set emerald-cut ring; only hers is a supposed 10 carats. You win again, Angelina!

Did Justin Theroux bogart Brad Pitt's engagement ring style? Did he break into the office of Robert Procop, the jewelry designer Pitt worked with, and steal a sketch? Did Jen demand an Angelina doppelganger ring of him? Probably not. Emerald-cut diamonds are a fairly popular choice amongst engagement rings, and there aren't too many other options to choose from.

Unfortunately for Jen, though, this is going to be the theme of her wedding, stylistically-speaking: Comparing the two. If both women wear their hair down for the big day (which, odds are, they will), one will inevitably be "copying the other." And without question, their dresses will be featured side-by-side in some rag mag or another. It's inescapable.

There's no question that both women will look amazing the day they tie the knot. Amazing in their own ways with their own rings, their own hair, and their own dresses.

Whose dress are you looking more forward to seeing: Jen's or Angie's?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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