Kate Middleton's Naughty Cousin Is on the Cover of 'Playboy'

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kate middleton cousinThat Middleton family is just oozing with style. Duchess Katherine is the epitome of classy chic, sister Pippa always looks trendy and appropriate, and now, their distant cousin Katrina Darling has emerged on the scene with her own unique and risque aesthetic. Which really is to say, Katrina's a burlesque dancer who's on the cover of one of the most famous porn magazines ever, wearing some sexy black lingerie. I don't know about you, but I kind of love the fact that Kate Middleton's cousin is on the cover of Playboy.

All you have to do is take one look at their hair to know they're related. The hair on their head! God. You're gross.

Katrina and Kate are technically second cousins once removed (Kate's great grandfather is the brother of Katrina's grandmother), but still, you can see some resemblance. From their shiny, luxurious locks to their wide-set eyes and big smile, Kate and Katrina have many an enviable feature. It's no wonder Katrina's gaining some fame. 

After it was revealed before the royal wedding that the soon-to-be Duchess was related to a burlesque dancer, there was quite the hubbub. Fancy British people dropped their tea cups when they heard the blasphemous news, but we here in Amerika knew just what to do -- let the dust settle, wait a year, then give Katrina an enormous eight-page spread in Playboy.

Apparently, there isn't any frontal nudity in the photoshoot save for one topless shot, so it seems like Katrina's keeping it tasteful. Who knows if the palace requested she do so or not, but there is one thing we can be certain of -- those Middleton girls have style and panache. Kate's nailed conservative-chic, and Katrina's got bawdy elegance down to a T.

Oh, how wonderfully stylish their Christmases must be.

What do you think of Kate's cousin in Playboy?


Photo via Playboy

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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I never understood the fascination with the British Royals in America.

nonmember avatar Nic

This cousin and the Duchess have never actually met, so their Christmases, however they are, are quite separate.

Carol99 Carol99

She's a beautiful girl and should have better self-esteem than to do this.  Give her a few barbies to play with.

maddy... maddysmom85

I think good for Katrina; besides Kate shouldn't be looked at badly because of the way her second cousin lives HER life. It's not Kate on the cover of Playboy. Kate can not control anyone else besides herself; just as Prince Harry can not be controlled. They are their own people and might I add of legal age, adults? I think they should be allowed to live private lives if they want it, but unfortunately some people have no lives and have to go looking into others to feel adequate. I think both women are extremely beautiful an both have chose the path they want in life, while some people don't get that option, I am happy for both.

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