6 Sexy High Heels Moms Can Wear Without Falling Over (PHOTOS)

red stilettos heelsI think as women we're raised loving high heels: We're photographed walking around in mom's or grandma's shoes as little girls, we buy our first pair of one-inch kittens for the father-daughter dance, and our college closet is stocked with pumps for every occasion.

Now let's pause for a moment and talk about something else: stilettos. I can't walk in them to save my life. I would faceplant. I can see wearing these sky-high spikes if you had no nerve endings in your feet (or were eager to lose said nerve endings), but for the rest of us, it just seems hopeless. Now now, don’t you fret, you fashionistas you! I have the stiletto solution EVERY style savvy mom has been waiting for ...

Wear the heels anyway. Just skip the height, the super thick platform, and the headache and slip into a pair of heels you can actually get from place-to-place in. You can make every sacrifice in the book, but don't skimp on being stylish. You're a hot mama!

To prove my point, check out these six stiletto, platform, and sky-high wedge inspired pumps and their more reasonable, fashionable stem swaps. It's an easy fix to make when you know what to shop for!

Well, whattaya think? Would you wear sky-high heels every day?


Image via kyz/Flickr

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tinyp... tinypossum

My days of wearing pretty shoes are sadly over. With every pregnancy, my feet got wider and wider. I refuse to cram my toes into too narrow shoes and I don't want my toes pointing east and west by the time I'm 50. 

nonmember avatar SisiSeeTheSea

Interestingly enough I find the higher heel/platform more comfortable... Among all my heels of various heights, my absolute favorite and most comfortable are a pair of nude T-straps with a 1.5 inch platform and 6 inches in the heels. In fact they're my go-to office shoes

4cadi... 4cadillac

I started wearing heels while prego w my 1st child. I still wear heels 19yrs later. My fav is any type heel 5in or more. I have a bunion on my right foot since i wuz a young child & i will not wear heels that are uncomfortable. I chose my shoes carefully & still wear them after 4 kids & 2 step kids later jus 2 go 2 the store. Ladies take sum tyme 4 urselves & go shoe shopping!!!

nonmember avatar Jenna

Oh my gosh I love these slideshows that make my broswer reload to see each and every slide....said fucking no one. EVER.

nonmember avatar Amorette

Hate to say it... Maybe a little more research is in order. A higher heel isnt always more painful, especially when coupled with a platform. Its the incline in the heel, not the overal height, that makes heels painful. Also, platforms have more roon for padding the majority of the time. Other things to consider are materials, outside temperature. For wide feet leathers are great because they will actually stretch a bit. Hot weather can aslo help shoes stretch- on the same token, cold weather can sometimes make them shrink.

Kristen Suthers

I am almost suprised that you didn't include a flip flop style high heeled shoes. I actually found a pair at a thrift store, they are super cute. Leopard style print with flip flop and a 3ish inch heel.  And they only cost 2.00 :)

mrswi... mrswillie

Ironicly, I like the styles on the left much better.

hawtm... hawtmomma

I wear the shoes on the left without falling over. Especially in the 6 inch stiletto platform shoes, those are my favorite to wear, esp to work.

nonmember avatar cj

UGH JENNA i agree! how irritating to have to reload and scroll back down every time to see the next slide. geeze cant someone over there do something about that or what?!!

melis... meliscool72

HELL NO, I would not even attempt it. I am clumsy and the pumps won't help me do anythng but fall even harder

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