6 Sexy High Heels Moms Can Wear Without Falling Over (PHOTOS)

6 Sexy High Heels Moms Can Wear Without Falling Over (PHOTOS)

red stilettos heelsI think as women we're raised loving high heels: We're photographed walking around in mom's or grandma's shoes as little girls, we buy our first pair of one-inch kittens for the father-daughter dance, and our college closet is stocked with pumps for every occasion.

Now let's pause for a moment and talk about something else: stilettos. I can't walk in them to save my life. I would faceplant. I can see wearing these sky-high spikes if you had no nerve endings in your feet (or were eager to lose said nerve endings), but for the rest of us, it just seems hopeless. Now now, don’t you fret, you fashionistas you! I have the stiletto solution EVERY style savvy mom has been waiting for ...

Wear the heels anyway. Just skip the height, the super thick platform, and the headache and slip into a pair of heels you can actually get from place-to-place in. You can make every sacrifice in the book, but don't skimp on being stylish. You're a hot mama!

To prove my point, check out these six stiletto, platform, and sky-high wedge inspired pumps and their more reasonable, fashionable stem swaps. It's an easy fix to make when you know what to shop for!

Well, whattaya think? Would you wear sky-high heels every day?


Image via kyz/Flickr

  • Red Hot Heels


    Image via DSW, Jessica Simpson


    What woman doesn't own a pair of sexy red-hot heels? The platforrm tanks (left) are a wee bit high for me. The pair on the right completely nix the platform toe altogether and provide more ankle support, which means you can strut your smokin' hot stems in these red shoes at dinner with your beau.

    Shop the Dollhouse Kammy Pump ($34.95) from DSW.

    Shop the Calie Heel ($39.99) from Jessica Simpson Collection.

  • Booties


    Image via DSWDSW

    Fall is nearing and I've got my eye set on every pair of booties ever made. But here's the thing, the pair on the left aren't really designed for running errands on the go with your 2-year-old attached to your hip. The closed-toe booties on the right have more arch support and they're a chic way to add a fashionable touch to your on-the-go getup.

    Shop the Fergalicious Errand Bootie ($49.95) from DSW.

    Shop the SM Women's Philip Bootie ($89.95) from DSW.

  • Platform Wedges


    Image via ALDO ShoesUrban Outfitters


    Platform, covered wedges are HUGE this year -- so invest in a pair. The pair on the left are perfect for a woman with a narrower toe who can wear them comfortably, but the wedges on the right give your little piggies some extra room to breathe.

    Shop the Abrego Platform Wedge ($48.99) from ALDO Shoes.

    Shop the Cooperative Suede Platform Wedge ($39.00) from Urban Outfitters.

  • Printed Pumps


    Image via DSW, Forever21

    Print-inspired pumps are a retro, fashionable way to spice up an otherwise simple outfit. The houndstooth print (left) works well if you're planning on posing like a Kardashian all day. The pair on the right have a thicker heel (better for balance) and a teeny, tiny platform, which takes the pressure off your arch.

    Shop the Pink & Pepper Svelt Menswear Pump ($49.95) from DSW.

    Shop the Floral Platform Pump ($26.80) from Forever21.

  • T-Strap Stilettos


    Image via DSW, ShopRuche.com

    Let me just come out and say it: I love t-strap shoes. I feel like they're Mary Janes' prettier, more stylish cousin. Right? Okay, whatever. If you're running back and forth between Target, Walmart, and Babies-R-Us, bet your feet will love you a helluva lot more if you're wearing the pair on the right.

    Shop the SM Women's Gaylee Patent Pump ($69.95) from DSW.

    Shop the Katarina Strappy Heels by Naturalizer ($99.99) from Ruche.

  • Watermark Pumps


    Image via DSWDSW

    Watercolor pumps are great for work, play, playdates, and everything in the middle. The higher the heel (like the pair on the left), the more pressure on your toes. Shop for a similar pair to that on the right for a more balanced, sturdy shoe.

    Shop the Diba Ryder Printed Pump ($39.95) from DSW.

    Shop the JS by Jessica Oscar Watercolor Pump ($59.95) from DSW.

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