Kate Upton Proves She's a Genuine Model in Nude Photoshoot

kate uptonKate Upton is a sexy lady. The 20-year-old first appeared on our radar screen when she was the chosen cover model for the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and has been flaunting her giant breasts ever since. She's gotten some backlash for her flirty, let-it-all-hang-out attitude (see her dance photo shoot with the creepy Terry Richardson), but if there's anything she's excellent at, it's getting attention. She's making headlines today for the nude spread she did for Contributor magazine, so if you ever wanted to see Kate Upton naked, now's your chance.


She's pretty flawless -- there's very little she leaves to the imagination, and yet, I can't imagine there being anything wrong with the small bits and pieces she kept under cover. In a word that I'm hearing over and over these days, Kate's body is epic.

Now, after the SI issue came out, criticism was flying that Kate didn't have a "classy" look, that she'd never be a high-fashion model because her look was "too obvious." Well, after they see this shoot, the critics might change their minds.

Granted she's half naked, if not entirely nude in some, but in the others, Kate pulls off the editorial look with aplomb. She reminds me of Niki Taylor a little bit -- same sort of commanding presence with a dirty streak. They're both sexy and raw; two qualities I think any designer or editor would want their model to embody.

Kate's sure to get some flack for the nudity part, but she's gotta be used to that at this point. I would say to Kate, you do you, because, hell, it's working.



Photo via Splash News

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