How to Dress Like You're the Boss

Jan FieldsI wrote yesterday about my interview with McDonalds CEO Jan Fields.

But I can't omit the fact that this woman has the best sense of style of just about any CEO I know.

(Because, you know, I know SO MANY CEOs.)

For those of you who work in an office and want to be taken seriously, you can take a lesson from Jan Fields' work wardrobe. She always manages to look like she's in charge while remaining feminine and fashionable.

Here are five lessons you can learn from Jan Fields' work style ...


1. She stays in shape. Staying fit sends the message that you have discipline -- an important skill for a CEO.

2. She's conservative without being frumpy. You know Jan Fields is never going to show more skin than she should, yet she always chooses clothing that's tailored and fits her perfectly -- thus avoiding the Frumpy McFrumperson look.

3. She keeps it current with accessories. This dress would have been pretty plain on its own. The trendy leather belt takes things up a notch and becomes the focal point of the look.

4. She values a great pair of pumps. Check out these snakeskin platform heels!

Jan Fields

Jan made my day when she told me she wore these heels because she knew I'd be interviewing her. That's because I wrote this post about the red pumps she was wearing when I met her a few years ago. If you're the boss (or you want to be), try ditching those boring dress wedges in favor of shoes with a little pizazz. Shoes that stray slightly from the norm show you're bold and not afraid to take chances.

5. She takes time with her hair. Jan Fields always keeps her hair in great shape, which lets you know that this is a woman who takes care of herself. We can assume she takes care of business, too!

What do you think about Jan Fields' style?

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